Friday, March 28, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/28/2014

The Hidden Value Behind Your Emotional Reactions.....

Your sense of sight is different from your sense of hear, and your sense of smell
 is different from your sense of touch, but even though they are different,
they are all vibrational interpretations. In other words, when you approach a hot stove,
your sense of sight does not necessarily tell you that the stove is hot;
your sense of hearing and your senses of taste or smell are not usually the way you recognize a hot
stove either.

But as you approach the stove with your body, the sensors in your skin let you know that the
stove is hot. You were born with sensitive, evolved, sophisticated translators of vibrations
that help you understand and define your experience.

And in the same way that you utilize your five physical senses to interpret
your physical life experience, you were born with other sensors—
y our emotions—which are furthervibrational interpreters that help you understand,
in the moment, the experiences that you are living.


"Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you." ~ Roger Ebert

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/27/2014

The Science of Deliberate Creation........

We want to assist you in the deliberate realization of the things that your environment
has inspired within you, for we want you to experience the exhilaration of joyously,
consciously, creating your own reality.

You do create your own reality. No one else does. And, you create your own reality
even if you do not understand that you do so. For that reason, you often create by default.
When you are consciously aware of your own thoughts, and you are deliberately offering them,
 then you are the deliberate creator of your own reality—and that is what you intended
 when you made the decision to come forth into this body.

Your desires and beliefs are just thoughts: “Ask and it is given.”
You ask through your attention, through your wanting, through your desire—
that is the asking ( whether you desire it to happen, or you desire it not to happen, you are asking)
You do not have to use your words. You just have to feel it in your being:
I desire this. I adore this. I appreciate this, and so on.
That desire is the beginning of all attraction.

You never grow tired of expansion or of creation, for there is no ending to the new ideas of
desires that flow. With every new idea of something you would like to experience,
possess, or know... will come its actualization or manifestation—and with that manifestation
will also come a new perspective from which you will desire.
The contrast, or variety, never ends, so the sprouting forth of new desires will never end,
and as that “asking” never ends, the “answering” never ceases to flow.
And so, new perspectives will always be yours.  New contrasts, and new inspiring
desires and perspectives, will be laid out eternally before you.

Once you relax into the idea that you will never cease to be,
that new desires will be constantly born within you, that Source will never stop answering
your desires,and that your expansion is, therefore, eternal, then you may begin to relax if,
in this moment, there is something that you desire that has not yet come to fruition.

It is our desire that you become one who is happy with that which you are
and with that which you have— while at the same time being eager for more.
That is the optimal creative vantage point: To stand on the
brink of what is coming, feeling eager, optimistic anticipation—with no feeling of impatience, doubt, or
unworthiness hindering the receiving of it—that is the Science of Deliberate Creation at its best.


"Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment.
It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation. " ~ Rabindranath Tagore

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/25/2014

No One Else Can Create in Your Experience .......

This website is about your realignment with Source Energy.
 It is about your reawakening to the clarity, goodness, and power that is really who you are.
It is written to assist you in consciously returning to the knowledge that you are free
and that you always have been free—and that you always will be free to make your own choices.

There is no satisfaction in allowing someone else to attempt to create your reality.
In fact, it is not possible for anyone else to create your reality.
Once you have realigned with eternal forces and Universal Laws,
and with that which is truly the Source of that which you are, then joyous creation,
beyond physical description, awaits you,  for you are the creator of your own experience,
and there is such satisfaction in intentionally guiding your own life.


One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. ~ James Russell Lowell

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/24/2014

You Have the Ability to Direct Your Own Thoughts

You have the ability to direct your own thoughts; you have the option of observing things as they are,
or of imagining them as you want them to be—and whichever option you choose,
 whether you are imagining or observing, is equally powerful.
You have the option of remembering something as it actually occurred
or imagining it as you would prefer. You have the option of remembering something that pleased
you or remembering something that did not please you.
You have the option of anticipating something you want or anticipating something you do not want.

In every case, your thoughts produce a vibration within you that
equals your point of attraction, and then circumstances and events line up to match
the vibrations that you have offered.

You have the ability to place your attention wherever you decide,
so it is possible to distract yourself from something unwanted and put your
attention upon something wanted. But when a vibration within
you is one you have practiced a great deal, the tendency is to continue to
offer the vibration in the way you have been practicing it—no matter how much
 you wish it to be different.

It is not a difficult thing to change the pattern of your vibration,
especially when you understand that you can do it a little bit at a time.
Once you have an understanding of how vibrations work,
 how they affect your experience, and, most important,
what your emotions are telling you about your vibrations, now you can make steady,
fast progress toward the achievement of anything that you desire.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.Norman Vincent Peale

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/22/2014

Can You Accept Yourself As a Vibrational Being?

Most of our physical friends are unaccustomed to viewing their lives in terms of vibrations,
and they are certainly not accustomed to thinking of themselves as radio transmitters
and receivers—but we do live in a Vibrational Universe, and we are more Energy,
Vibration, or Electricity than we realize.

Once you allow this new orientation and begin to accept yourself as a Vibrational Being
who attracts all the things that come into your experience, then you will begin the
delicious journey into Deliberate Creation.

Once you begin to understand the correlation between what you are thinking,
what you are feeling, and what you are receiving, now you have it.
Now you hold all the keys that are necessary to get from wherever you
are to wherever you want to be, on all subjects.


"Acceptance looks like a passive state, but in reality it brings something entirely new into this world.
That peace, a subtle energy vibration, is consciousness." ~ Eckhart Tolle

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/20/2014

Your Attention to It Invites It In

Every thought that you give your attention to expands and becomes a bigger part
of your vibrational mix.Whether it is a thought of something you want or a thought of something
you do not want—your attention to it invites it into your experience.
Since this is an attraction-based Universe, there is no such thing as exclusion.

Everything is about inclusion. So, when you see something that you would like
to experience and you focus upon it, shouting yes to it, you include it in your experience.
But when you see something that you would not want to experience, and you focus upon it,
shouting no at it, you also include that in your experience.
You do not invite it in with your yes and exclude it with your no,
because there is no exclusion in this attractionbased Universe.
Your focus is the invitation. Your attention to it is the invitation.

And so, those who are mostly observers thrive in good times but suffer in bad times because
what they are observing is already vibrating, and as they observe it, they include
it in their vibrational countenance; and as they include it, the Universe accepts that as their point of attraction—and gives them more of the essence of it. So, for an observer, the better it gets, the better it gets; or the worse it gets, the worse it gets. However, one who is a visionary thrives in all times.

With your practiced attention to any subject, the Law of Attraction delivers circumstances,
conditions, experiences, other people, and all manner of things that
match your habitual dominant vibration.

And asthings begin to manifest around you that match the thoughts you have been holding,
you now develop stronger and stronger vibrational habits or proclivities.
And so, your once small and insignificant thought has now evolved into a powerful belief—
and your powerful beliefs will always be played out in your experience.

"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl
 is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves." ~Albert Einstein
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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/18/2014

The Longer You Think Thoughts, the Stronger They Become

Because the Law of Attraction is behind the expansion of your thoughts,
it is not possible to give your attention to something without achieving an alignment with
i to some degree. And so, the longer you ponder the thought, and the more frequently
you return to the thought, the stronger your vibrational alignment becomes.

As you achieve a stronger alignment with any thought, you then begin to feel emotions
that indicate your increased or decreased alignment with your own Source.
 In other words, as you give more of your attention to any subject, your emotional reading
of either harmony or disharmony with who you really are becomes stronger.
If the subject of your attention is in alignment with what the Source of your Being
knows, you would feel the harmony of your thoughts in the form of good feelings.
But if the subject of your attention is not in alignment with what your Source knows it to be,
you would feel the disharmony of your thoughts in the form of bad feelings.


I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else.
I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be. ~ Ken Venturi

Monday, March 17, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/17/2014

Have You Made a Decision to Direct Your Thoughts?.....

To be the deliberate creator of your own experience, you will be one who has
decided to direct your thoughts, for only when you deliberately choose the direction
of your thoughts can you deliberately affect your own point of attraction.

You cannot continue to discuss, observe, and believe things in the same way
you always have and make changes in your point of attraction, any more
(as we mentioned previously) than you can set your radio dial to 630AM and
receive the broadcast from 101FM. Your vibrational frequencies have to match.

Every emotion that you feel is about your alignment or misalignment
with the Energy of your Source. Your emotions are your indicators of the vibrational
variance between your physical Being and your Inner Being, and when you pay
 attention to these emotions and try to focus on good-feeling thoughts, you are then
using your Emotional Guidance System in the way that you intended
when you decided to come into this physical body.

Your Emotional Guidance System is the key to helping you understand
what your vibrational content is and therefore exactly what your current point of attraction is.
Distinguishing between the actual thought of what you want, compared to the thought of its absence,
 is sometimes difficult. But distinguishing between your emotional response to your thought
of your desire, and your emotional response to your thought of the absence of your desire,
 is a very easy thing to do. Because, then you are fully focused upon your desire
(and your vibrational offering purely reflects that), you feel wonderful.
And when you focus upon the absence of something that you truly want, you feel awful.

Your emotions always let you know what you are doing with your vibration;
your emotions always let you know exactly what your point of attraction is; and so,
 by paying attention to your emotions and by deliberately offering thoughts that
affect the way you feel, you can consciously guide yourself into the vibrational frequency
that will allow the fulfillment of any desire you hold.


For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, March 15, 2014

3/15/2014 Daily Shorty

Your Powerful Beliefs Were Once Gentle Thoughts

Every thought that has ever been thought still exists, and whenever you focus
upon a thought, you activate the vibration of that thought within you.
So, whatever you are currently giving your attention to is an activated thought.
But when you turn your attention away from a thought, it becomes dormant,
or no longer active. The only way to consciously deactivate a thought is to activate another.
In other words, the only way to deliberately withdraw your attention from one thought
is to give your attention to another.

When you give your attention to anything, the vibration, at first, is not very strong,
but if you continue to think about it or speak about it, the vibration gets stronger.
So, with enough attention to any subject, it can become a dominant thought.
As you give more and more attention to any thought, and as you focus upon it
 and therefore practice the vibration of it—the thought becomes an even bigger part of your
vibration—and you could now call this practiced thought a belief.


Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.
~ Saint Francis de Sales

Friday, March 14, 2014

Daily Shorty 14/3/2014

Others Cannot Understand Your Desires or Feelings

Others are often eager to guide you.
There are endless people, with endless opinions, rules, requirements, and suggestions
 for how you should live your life, but none of them are able to take into consideration
 the only thing that matters in achieving your desires: Others cannot understand the
vibrational content of your desires, and they cannot understand the vibrational content
of where you are, so they are not in any way equipped to guide you.
Even when they have the very best of intentions and want your a
bsolute Well-Being, they do not know.

And even though many of them attempt to be unselfish, it is never possible
 for them to separate their desire for you from their own desire for themselves......


A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
~ George Bernard Shaw


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/13/2014

Success Is about the Joy You Feel......

We love seeing you applauding someone else’s success, because when you are
genuinely thrilled by it, that means you are right on the track of your own.
Many think that success means getting everything they want.
And we say that this is what dead is, and there is no such thing as that kind of dead.
Success is not about getting it done. It is about still dreaming and feeling positive in the unfolding.
The standard of success in life is not the money or the stuff—the standard of success
is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.

You can say things such as, “When I look at successful people— and by that
 I mean rich people, yes, and I mean happy people— sometimes they are rich and happy.
When I’m talking about the successful ones, what I really mean is the really happy people—
people who are really joyful, who are eager to get on with their day.
Almost all of them, without exception, had a pretty rough beginning, which turned them into
powerful rebels, initially. Then they found a way to relax into their natural birthright of Well-Being.”
(Success is about a happy life, and a happy life is just a string of happy moments.
 But most people do not allow the happy moments because they are so busy trying to get a happy life.)Instead of “Earning” Abundance, “Allow” Your Abundance

Your action has nothing to do with your abundance! Your abundance is a response to your vibration.
 Of course your belief is part of your vibration, so if you believe that action
 is part of what brings you abundance, then you have to unravel that.
We would like you to release the word earn from your vocabulary and your
understanding altogether, and we would like you to replace it with the word allow.
You want to allow your Well-Being; it is not something that you need to earn.
All you have to do is decide what you would like to experience, and then allow it in
order to receive it. It is not something you have to struggle or try for.

You are all worthy Beings, and you are deserving of this Well-Being.
All the resources you will ever want or need are at your fingertips.
 All you have to do is identify what you want to do with it and then
 practice the feeling-place of what it will be like when that happens.
There is nothing you cannot be, do, or have; you are blessed Beings,
and you have come forth into this physical environment to create.
There is nothing holding you back other than your own contradictory thoughts.
And your emotion tells you whenever you have such thoughts.
 Life is supposed to be funit is supposed to feel good!
You are powerful creators, and you are right on schedule.

Savor more; fix less. Laugh more; cry less. 
Anticipate positively more; anticipate negatively less. 
Nothing is more important than that you feel good. Just practice that and watch what happens.


Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.
~ Dalai Lama

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/11/2014

Your Financial Decline Will Not Elevate the Impoverished

Think about what the economy was like on this earth a few hundred years ago.
What has changed? Have more resources been trucked in from other planets?
Or have there not been more people, over more time, who just identified more things
that they desire and the Non-Physical Energy, which is endless and infinite, supplied that?
We never hear any of you say, “Well, I’ve been well for so many years that
I’ve decided that I’m going to be sick for a while to allow some other people to be well,”
because you know that whether you are well or not does not have anything to do with others
not getting enough wellness. You are not using up the wellness and depriving them of it.
And it is the same thing with the abundance. People who have managed to find
vibrational harmony with abundance—so that it is flowing to them and through them—
are not depriving anyone else of that abundance.

You cannot get poor enough to help the impoverished
people thrive. It is only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone.
If you want to be of help to others, be as tapped in, tuned in, and turned on as you can possibly be.
Feel appreciation for those who provide examples of well-being.
How would you know that prosperity was possible if there was not some evidence of it around you?
It is all part of the contrast that helps you sharpen your desire.
Money is not the root of happiness, but it is not the root of evil either.
Money is the result of how somebody lines up Energy. If you do not want money, do not attract it.
But we say to you that your criticism of others who have money holds you in a place
where things you do want, such as wellness, clarity, and Well-Being, cannot come to you either.

If the subject of money makes you uncomfortable when you think about it, it means that there is strong
desire related to it, which means that it really, really, really matters. So finding a way to think about it
and feel good is your work. But it is equally effective to think about anything else and feel good—and let
it in. You do not have to think about money in order to let in money.
You just cannot think about lack of money and let in money.


“I think the key indicator for wealth is not good grades, work ethic, or IQ. I believe it's relationships. Ask yourself two questions: How many people do I know, and how much ransom money could I get for each one?”   Jarod Kintz

[talk below starts at around 04:00]

Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Shorty 10/3/2014

Some Other Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Now, there are other ways of raising your vibrations than Meditation,
such as listening to music that makes your heart sing, jogging in a beautiful place, petting your cat,
walking your dog, and so on. These are just some of the many pleasant activities that cause a
release of resistance and a rise in vibration.

Often you are in your highest state of connection to Source Energy
while you are driving your vehicle.That is the reason why there are relatively so few traffic accidents.
The rhythm of the road, the distraction from what has been bothering you,
and the idea  of going someplace new often causes you to leave behind
thoughts of things that have been bothering you.

Your goal is to release any thought that causes resistance so
that you are then in a place of pure, positive thought.
It is not a problem if you cannot completely quiet your mind—unless your mind is chattering
about negative things. If you are softly thinking about pleasant things during Meditation,
it can be of value.

Is quite easy to find something that is pure, positive Energy. Thinking about your pets
can be a good source of positive thought because animals are so unconditional in their love.
Just find any thought that feels good when you think it, and practice it until you begin to set
that tone within you.  And then, other good-feeling thoughts will follow.


"Music can also be a sensual pleasure, like eating food or sex. But its highest vibration for me is that point of taking us to a real understanding of something in our nature which we can very rarely get at. It is a spiritual state of oneness." ~ Terry Riley

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/8/2014

You Cannot Control How Others Feel

As you move through your day, you may see unhappy people who are ornery,
disappointed, or in pain; and as they direct their negative emotion toward you,
you may find it very difficult to feel appreciation toward them.
And then you may blame yourself for not being strong enough to appreciate them in spite of
their negative offerings toward you. Well, we would never suggest that you should
be able to look right at something you do not want and feel good about it.
Instead, look for things that cause you to feel good when you find them,
and then the Law of Attraction will bring you more things like those.

Whenever you are looking for things to appreciate, you have control of your own
vibrational offering and your own point of attraction, but when you are responding
to the way others seem to feel about you,you have no control.

However, when you are more interested in how you feel than how they feel about you,
you do have control of your experience. You do not know who ran over their dog today
or who divorced them or who took money out of their bank account.
You do not how they are living, so you cannot understand why they react to you in
the way they do—and you cannot control it.

Once you have made a decision that nothing is more important than that you feel good,
and you have decided that you are going to consciously look for some things to appreciate today,
the object of your attention has now become the feeling of appreciation.
You have now established a circuit between you and that object of appreciation that
the Law of Attraction will begin working on immediately, so you will start seeing more
things to appreciate right away.


"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler."
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Daily Shorty 3/7/2014

Lighten Up Now, and Have Fun with All This

We use the words process, technique, or game interchangeably because,
while these are powerful processes that will assist you in achieving anything that you desire,
 if you will take a playful approach to them, you will hold far less resistance than if you see
them as tools to fix something that is broken.

The key to the success that you will find in these processes actually hinges upon
your ability to release resistance, and the more playful you are, the less resistance you hold.

A deliberate utilization of these processes will help you move your Emotional Set-Point,
and therefore change your point of attraction. You will begin to observe immediate
improvement—even on your first day of the application of these games.
And with more practice, you will improve your point of attraction on every subject of your life.


"Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one."
~Dr. Seuss

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."
~Dale Carnegie

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/6/2014

If You Are Not Expecting It, You Are Not Allowing It

Remember, each emotion indicates how much Energy you are summoning because of your desire,
and how much of that summoned Energy you are allowing because of the predominant
thoughts and beliefs that you currently hold relative to that desire.
If you are feeling strong emotion, whether positive or negative, that means that your desire is
powerfully focused, and you are summoning a great deal of Source Energy toward your desire.

When your strong emotions feel bad—like depression, fear, or anger—that means you
are offering resistance to your desire. When your strong emotions feel good—like passion,
enthusiasm, expectation, or love—that means you are offering no resistance to your desire,
so the Source Energy that you have summoned through your desire is not being challenged
 vibrationally by you—and you are currently allowing the unfolding of your desire.

So it seems obvious that the perfect creative situation is to really, really want
something that you truly believe is possible. And when that combination of desire and belief
is present within you, things will quickly and easily unfold in your experience.
But when you want something that you do not believe is possible, when you hold a desire for something that you do not expect— although a strong enough desire can override a weaker belief—it does
not unfold easily, for you are not allowing it into your current experience.


I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine.
~ Bruce Lee

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/4/2014

Only You Can Know How You Feel About You

When you expect something, it is on the way.
When you believe something, it is on the way.
When you fear something, it is on the way.

Your attitude or mood is always pointing toward what is coming,
but you are never stuck with your current point of attraction.
Just because you have picked up these thoughts,
beliefs, attitudes, and moods along your physical trail does not mean
that you have to continue attracting in response to them.

You have creative control of your own experience.
And, by paying attention to your own Emotional Guidance System,
you can change your point of attraction. If there are things in your experience
that you no longer wish to experience, your belief must change.
If there are things that are not in your experience that you want to bring into your experience,
your belief must change.

There is no condition so severe that you cannot reverse it by choosing different thoughts.
 However, choosing different thoughts requires focus and practice.
If you continue to focus as you have been, to think as you have been,
and to believe as you have been, then nothing in your experience will change.


Man is lost and is wandering in a jungle where real values have no meaning. Real values can have meaning to man only when he steps on to the spiritual path, a path where negative emotions have no use.
~Sai Baba

Monday, March 3, 2014

Daily Shorty 3/3/2014

Life Is Always in Motion, So You Cannot Be “Stuck”

Sometimes you might say , “I’m stuck! I’ve been in this place for a very long time,
and I can’t get out of it. I’m stuck!

But it is not possible to stand still or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore life,
is always in motion. Things are always changing. But the reason it may feel to you
as if you are stuck is because, while you are continuing to think the same thoughts,
things are changing— but they are changing to the same thing over and over.
If you want things to change to different things, you must think different thoughts.
And that simply requires finding unfamiliar ways of approaching familiar subjects.


Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs. ~ Malcolm Forbes

Daily Shorty 2/3/2014

Reach for the Best-Feeling Thought You Have Access To....

Choosing a different thought will always produce a different emotional response.
So you could say, “I will deliberately choose my thoughts so that I can feel better.”
That would be a good decision for you to make.
An even better decision, and really, an easier one to make is:
 “I want to feel good, so I will try to feel good by choosing a thought that does feel good.

If it is your decision to “follow your bliss,” and you have been focusing on a life situation
that is nowhere near bliss, your decision to follow your bliss would be unsuccessful
because the Law of Attraction cannot deliver a thought that holds such a dramatic vibrational difference.

But if your decision is to reach for the best-feeling thought that you have access to,
that decision can be easily achieved. The key to moving up the vibrational emotional scale
 is to be consciously aware of, even sensitive to, the way you feel, for if you are not
aware of how you feel, you cannot understand which way you are moving on the scale.
(You could be turned around and on your way back to Phoenix and not know it.)

But if you take the time to consciously determine the emotion that you are currently experiencing,
then any improvement in your feeling means that you are making progress toward your goal,
while any intensifying of the negative emotion means that you are going in the wrong direction.

So, a good way to feel your way up this vibrational emotional scale is to always
be reaching for the feeling of relief that comes when I release a more resistant thought
and replace it with a more allowing thought.
The Stream of Well-Being is always flowing through you, and the more you allow it,
the better you feel. The more you resist it, the worse you feel.


"Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Daily Shorty 1/3/2014

You Can Gradually Change Your Vibrational Frequency

Just because you make the decision to find a different thought, it does not necessarily
mean that you can go directly to that thought right now, for the Law of Attraction
 has something to say about the thoughts you have access to from where you are.
Of course, there is no thought that you cannot eventually have—
just as there is no place that you cannot eventually reach from wherever you are—
but you cannot instantly jump to a thought that has a vibrational frequency
very different from the thoughts you are usually thinking.

Sometimes one of your friends, who is currently in a much better-feeling place than you are, may
encourage you to stop thinking so negatively and choose more positive thoughts.
But just because your friend is there in that better-feeling place does not mean
that your friend can bring you there—for the Law of Attraction will not allow
you to find a vibrational frequency that is far from the frequency that you usually sustain.

And even though you do want to feel better, you may not feel that you can find the joyful
thought that your friend wants you to find. But we want you to understand that you can eventually find
that thought, and that once you have deliberately and gradually changed your vibrational frequency,
you will be able to sustain that more positive position once you do achieve it.
As you discover that you can always know the vibrational content of your Being,
and can therefore always be aware of what your point of attraction is,
you will then be in conscious creative control of your own experience.
And once you understand that your emotions are giving you specific feedback about your
vibrational content, then you can proceed with the deliberate and gradual adjustment of your vibration.


Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures. ~ John F. Kennedy

Daily Shorty 2/28/2014

You Are a Perfect Yet Expanding Being,
 in a Perfect Yet Expanding World, 
in a Perfect Yet Expanding Universe.......

It is important that you know these things:
You are a physical extension of Source Energy.
The physical world we live in provides a perfect environment in which to create.
The variety that exists helps you focus your own personal desires or preferences.
When a desire is focused within you, the summoning of Creative Life Force immediately begins to flow
toward your desire—and the Universe expands. And that is good.
Your conscious realization of the Creative Process is not necessary in order for it to continue.
The Leading-Edge environment that you are physically focused in will continue to stimulate new desires
in all who participate.
Every desire or preference, no matter how large or small it may seem to you, is understood and
answered by All-That-Is.
As every desire from every perceiver is answered, the Universe expands.
As the Universe expands, the variety expands.
As the variety expands, your experience expands.
As your experience expands, your desire expands.
As your desire expands, the answering of your desire expands.
And the Universe expands—and that is good. In fact, it is perfect.
You live in an eternally expanding environment, which constantly causes newly focused desires within
you, which Source immediately and always answers.
With each receiving of that which you are asking for, you achieve a new vantage point from which you
spontaneously ask again.

And so, the expansion of the Universe and your personal expansion will always be as follows:
You live in an expanding Universe.
— You live in an expanding physical world.
— You are an expanding Being.
— And all of this is, whether you consciously understand it or not.
— This Universe is eternally expanding, and so are you.
— And that is good.


Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

~Vince Lombardi