RM´s Character Creation

Regarding the attributes:

It is important to remember that these statistics are purely subjective - your or in this case my subconscious mind being the judge.
Furthermore it is essential to note that words and terms are also purely subjective;
meaning everyone has different inner interpretations of words like "courage", "wisdom" or "love" etc.
So whenever someones asks his subconscious mind  "on a scale from 1-100, 100 being my maximum potential and 1 my minimum,where does my courage calibrate?"
It is a completely new and unique question every single time.The one who asks is not the same anymore, and the one who answers neither. You can not jump in the same river twice so to speak. 
When I calibrated these stats i tried to lean as close as i could to the definitions given in the 56 Lessons of the Seeker, but in essence this means you can not  compare your LYL statistics whatsoever to someone elses progress.

Remember YOU are your only competition in LYL.


Some words to my "starting stats":
Courage at 63 I could have guessed myself. Feels about right...
Knowledge at 52 ...this of course does not mean I know 52% of everything there is to know in the universe. It rather suggests that my knowledge of things I CARE ABOUT
(which are in my direct area of attention) is at 52% . I think it is an alright value, really nothing to brag about , actually it is quite little.I hope it is not because I`m stupid but because I know
that I know nothing :) .
Same goes for Wisdom.I do not consider myself wise, so this 63 was a little bit unexpected.

Dexterity ...yeah this is pretty ugly - this happens when you just sit in your chair most of the day - definetly going to change that
Charisma at 46 - I do not consider myself thaaaat uncharismatic, but when I calibrated these stats I did not have a really good day,week,month so this was kind of expected.
Some focus on my appearance and my vibration should fix that in the coming weeks and month. I aim at something around 70-80 - that seems reasonable ,in my CONSCIOUS mind at least.

LYL Level 0,1
That just expresses that I did not start the 56 Lessons of the Seeker yet.
As of now the "official begin" is planned for the 10th of february.
You can see a current level overview here - the list is subject to change and improve frequently.

Truth Alignment

Truth Alignment is basically your inner Integrity.
The more you narrow the gap between what you say and what you do the higher your truth alignment.
Presupposed of course that what you do is not in conflict with what you know to be right and righteous.
So 68 feels about right. I know it has been rising ever since we started working on LYL.

Furthermore self esteem at 73 definetly needs work - this attribute always should rank in the 90s.
It is a clear indicator that something in your life is wrong if not.

Overall Condition

73 is merely "ok", almost good.Pretty neutral.Every point in this attribute is a valueable one as it  mirrors "the whole".
If you can rise one or two, maybe even three or four points during a month that means huuuuge progress.

Regarding the skills I chose to improve this month:

Visualization and thought-control are more or less a given in regard to the exercises in the 56 Lessons of the Seeker, for the rest you can follow my thread here (need to be logged in).Of if you have any questions simply ask.