Level Your Life Booklist

Only the #Truth and nothing but the #Truth
From time to time we will introduce books to you which have been calibrated in regards to their
level of truthfulness and how high they rank on the map of consciousness.(mocR)
All of them we recommend wholeheartedly for the expansion of your being on all levels.

We also calibrated each books AELA.This stands for Average Energy Level Advancement and is a rough value by how man points your personal Energy Level can increase when reading (& understanding) that certain book.

learn how to astral travel
William Buhlmann`s "Adventures Beyond the Body" is an absolute must have for everyone who desires to learn how to astral travel and expand his/her consciousness.Having your first OBE (out of body experience) will instantly transform your perspective of our world and is by no doubt one of the fastest methods to accelerate spiritual growth.Experienced astral travellers will also have fun with the stories and techniques described in this great book.We recommend this book especially for die-hard atheists - their beliefs will be shattered.

The average increase in your astral travel skill ranks at around 20-25 points ( calibrated ) if you read,understand and use the techniques described in this book; this will , of course, be less if you are already more adept in astral projection.

mocR: 450~                                                                               AELA: 15~ points


Learn to navigate the "Compass of Truth"
 This book is a must read for everyone who wants to go deeper into the subject of calibrations and how far you can possibly go with them. Every opinion on calibrations is invalid without having read this book.It is more than a milestone in regards to expanding your consciousness. The scientific information in this book is essential for the coming age.We wholeheartedly encourage you to grab a copy - you will definetly not regret it.We can not even begin to express how important this book is.

mocR: 600~                                                                               AELA: 30~ points


learn more about energy levels and calibrations
 Simply another must read if you want to dive deeper into the topic of Energy Levels and Calibrations.
"The Hidden Determinants of Human Behaviour" will boost your awareness of your emotional levels immediately.This book could be described as an essential add-on  to "The Eye of the I" although it stands on its own ground.

mocR: 490~                                                                               AELA: 12~ points


greatly improve every aspect of your life with the Tao of Love
 The "Tao of Love and Sex" by Jolan Chang is an enormously valuable book for our generation.
Growing up with the Internet many of us struggle with unreal perceptions of love and sex.
This book will set many things straight and align you gently with your natural tao.
Funny it is, that this book with ancient knowledge is actually the real deal "to last longer".
It will teach you how to preserve your Ching and even better you will gain an inner understanding WHY you do it. When you implement this knowledge into your LYL Character not only your sex-life is going to transform drastically for the better - you will also feel different - better - stronger - more self aware.
Reading this book simply makes you a better and nicer person - true story.

mocR: 570~                                                                               AELA: 65~ points

embody the spirit of the dancing warrior
Another extremely important book for everyone who strifes to improve his/her life.
Our 56 Lessons of the Seeker were greatly inspired by this book.
Reading and understanding the "Spirit of the Dancing Warrior" is another huge step in order to
discover the vastness of your potential - be it in sports, business or life in general.

mocR: 540~                                                                               AELA: 70~ points


lose your fear of death 
 Osho, the great spiritual teacher who was murdered by a three letter agency, will greatly assist you in loosing your fear of death in this book. This is one of those books you have to reread after a while because it is different every time. You can not jump in the same river twice.  Reading and understanding this book will help you to lose your fear of death - a necessary and important step to live life to the fullest.

mocR: 499~                                                                               AELA: 35~ points  

Raise your Vibrations
Jasmuheen´s "In Resonance" is almost a full encyclopedia on raising your vibrations and a dozen of other,very very powerful, spiritual techniques.This book is only recommended for the adept as it might seem too new-agy for the uninitiated, but nevertheless we recommend it from the deepest of our hearts for everyone who strifes for an inner revolution.

mocR: 660~                                                                               AELA: 30~ points