What is the SubC-S-Measure® ?

The SubC-S-Measure (Subconscious-Scale) is a system we designed to keep perfect track of your individual personal development.
This system is not restricted in any way and is able to provide optimal statistics of your progress in any aspect desired.
The idea behind it might sound strange at first but if you approach it with an open mind ; success and joy will follow swiftly.

The Premise:  There are areas of personal development where you can see or feel your progress. For example if you start exercising daily ,after a couple of weeks you will see improvement of your physicial condition and simply "feel better". If you change your diet to be healthier ,your digestion will  enhance,your skin will become clearer and again your overall feeling changes for the better.
These are some fields of your personal development where you can be sure that you have made some impact because you are able to really see the advancement. You know you have progressed (!) - but unfortunately you don´t know by how much exactly.

This is the first aspect of your personal development the SubC-Measure is going to change radically by generating a flawless and exact statistic of your very own personal progress and every single attribute or skillset you find worth developing.

Furthermore there are plenty of  skills in life where progress is not as easily verifiable,subjective and/or more or less vague. How do you really know your meditating got better ? How do you really know you learned enough for next weeks exam? How do you really know you completely dropped that grudge against so and so ?
These and many more questions will be answered .... by yourself. You already know the answer.
It is actually easy . You just have to find a (quick) way to tap into your sub-consciousness mind and gather the information you desire.

So how do you do that ?

The SubC-S-Measure will provide you with two* smooth and quick ways to do exactly that.You do not have to  use both styles; you just have to see which one works best for you.  (Although being familiar with the two can come in  handy in order to crosscheck your results).
Once you understand how to use the SubCs-System you will only  begin to grasp its vast implications.

Having established a connection to your sub-conscious mind we will then implement scales to track your progress.This is way easier then it sounds because although your sub-conscious understands most things childlike (in pictures and simple,straight speech) it is very quick with reading your conscious intentions and able to comprehend the chain of cause and effect in your thoughts.
It is important to understand that these scales will be uniquely your own. Every consciousness comes with its individual scale (!)

This makes sense because everyone has different resources to work with.Everyones potential in everything you could do, achieve or be  is completely different (identical twins excluded).
This means that any comparison with someone elses progress or statistics would be inherently flawed.


Let`s say Simon´s "body strength" calibrates at around 82/100 . First of all this would suggest that Simon is in pretty good physical condition. Furthermore - 100 reflecting his absolute peak-potential
 (according to his own sub-conscioussness)- Simon now knows ,
that he is somewhat close to his maximum body strength.
On the other hand we have Igor. Igor´s "body strength" calibrates at 49/100 .
 At first glance one would think that Simon is "stronger" than Igor. But this must not be the case. Simon might be a nerd with bad genetics and Igor an ex-heavy weight boxing champion with a tennis arm.

Let´s take this further. Simon´s "math skill" calibrates at around 50/100 whereas Igors scores a 80/100. This does not necessarily mean that Igor is better with numbers. Simon might be a lazy genius and Igor a third grader with severe learning disabilities.
Just to clarify once more : When  using the SubC-Measure System your own individual,absolute peak-potential becomes the top of the scale. Therefor the only one you can compare yourself with is your past-self. Cheating is also impossible, unless you want to cheat yourself.

Maybe you  do not understand anything yet, give it some time...

to learn how to use the SubCs-System click here