Friday, January 31, 2014

Daily Shorty 31/1/2014

As long as you still think jealously about the wealth of your neighbor,
your desire for your own prosperity is not going to be fulfilled.
The vibration of your wish does not suit the vibration of your jealousy.

Once you learn to understand the nature of your vibrations, you place yourself in the position to easily and directly create your reality.

After  some practice ,you will recognize how easy it is to manifest your desires...

There is nothing you can not be, can not do, or can not have.


A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything.
Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.~Robert A.Heinlein

[the below video shows what happens if the establishment gets jealous]


Add-on: Level 2.37 - Focus

[Addon-on] to LYL Level 2.37 - Focus


Level Your Focus


Choose any of the following affirmations, or create your own to repeat during those times when distraction set in before or during an event:

~ "I stay in the here and now, so I´ll take a bow."
~ "Think less, achieve more"
~ "Single-mindedness creates happiness"
~ "Like a child at play, I ask my mind to stay."
~ "Focus,focus,focus,focus"
~ "Follow through, and I am tru."


a)Training the Mind  to Focus

In your state of relaxation , return to your natural breathing patterns. Focus entirely on your breathing. Notice that each inhalation carries oxygen that will bring peace and calm throughout your body. As you exhale , notice that your breath carries away not only carbon dioxide but all your tension and anxiety.Watch it float away. Count from one to ten, and then repeat the process when you get to ten. Do this for a total of five minutes once a day. Be patient, since this may take time to master - don´t become discouraged. Notice how much you improve in seven days.

Imagine yourself playing in an upcoming event.

b)Stopping Distraction

A collegiate basketball player finds himself on the foul line with tho seconds left in the conference championship and his team down by one point. The fans sitting behind the basket are yelling and waving towels to distract him. He ices the victory with two foul shots. After the game, he is asked how he blocked out the incredible noise. He says he never heard a sound.To focus himself, he had watched the seams of the ball spin perfectly off his fingertips, up and over the front rim.

Imagine yourself managing an upcoming event. Visualitze yourself as clearly as possible, participating as you would hope. Stimulate, in your mind´s eye , various distractions: noise from the crowd, a bad call from the referee, an obnoxious play by the opponent. As these distractions occur to you, tell them that they can stay if they wish or step aside and leave, but you must immediately attend to your play or performance.Imagine yourself dismissing them, that they have lift. Focus your vision on the "ball" or road or slope or water iself. See its shape and texture. Look for the writing between the seams of the ball (or in the cool air or water). See the ball spin, feel it in your hands. Stay focus on this image for two minutes, no matter how difficult it is.


a)Focus from distraction

.Create a state of total distraction for yourself by intentionally introducing a wide variety of thoughts and issues. Think about your work, problems at home, financial issues, what to have for dinner, where to go for a vacatopm, paying your taxes, and on and on, until your mind jumps from place to place, spinning endlessly like a wheel in the mud. Then teturn to a rexlaed state, and discipline your mind by using the visualization above , "Training the Mind to Focus." Once focused on each breath, allow your mind to choose one thought and think about it, then go on to the next, until each has had an opportunity for attention.
By practicing in this way to any athletic, work, or home-related task, the mind becomes more adept in maintaining attention. If you find yourself distracted while doing the task, use deep breathing to relax, then begin to visualize yourself attending to business once again. See yourself fully concentrating on one small aspect of the task and able to maintain this focus on a specific area of concern. Be present, and tell yourself that when you´re finished, you will give your attention to the distractions.

b)candle focusing

This is an easy, quick way to stengthen your ability to focus and be present in the moment, in the Beginner´s Mind.
Stare at a candle at the base of the flame (do not stare directly at the light) while you focus on your present feelings. Exclude all other thoughts. Just focus your body and mind on your sensations. If your mind wanders, bring it back to the present moment and feelings by saying, "at this very moment, the candle flame and I are the center of life. I focus on the brilliant light that enables me to feel peaceful and calm. That is all there is in this moment."

4)Guides for Focusing

~ When you have many important items to attend to in the present, rate them in order of importance.
Focus on the first, and mentally see yourself stacking the rest, with the most important on top, in a file box. Tell them that their turn will come in time, that you will focus on them when it´s appropriate.

~When going for a job interview or an important meeting or presenting a talk, you will be more focused and "tuned in" if you visualize, prior to your arrival, the physical environment where the event will occur.
See how you´ll be dressed, imagine the other individuals who will be present, define your goals, and see yourself acting as if all went according t plan. Feel the exhilaration of having focused perfectly and the reward of accomplishment.

~Take a walk in the forest or any other natural setting. Stop and listen to the sounds; smell the vegetation; feel the texture of the trees; focus on birds in flight . This will help you attend to the present.

~When you are cleaning up after meals, get into the LYL of dishes.
Experience the textures of the soap on the glasses and plates. Focus on doing a thorough job, as you enjoy the quit time alone and away from the inense energy of your children or other activities. Place the clean items neatly on a rack to dry. See how they glitter. Clean the sink so it sparkles after rinsing. Act as if this were the most important job now - and it is.

~Cooking can be a way to focus and concentrate. Focus on the textures, colors, and tastes of the food as you prepare it. Have music playing in the background, preferably Zen medidation sounds or Classical and Baroque - these help to focus on the task at hand

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Addon: 25-Day-Process - Breaking all Habits

This simple exercise can help you to expand your consciousness in regards to your habits.
We encourage you to try it during your 25-Day-(cleansing)process
Break all habits | Level Your Life

Examine and break all habits. Do this for a day, a week or however
long it takes. Stop all habitual behavior, good or bad. When you have looked at and honestly
examined each habit, asked yourself why you do it. Is it because parents, society, peers
expect it or taught you to act or feel in this manner? How many behavior patterns have you
adopted because your parents did them and their parents before them? Have you stopped and
thought if those choices (given the current state of affairs on a personal and social level and
taking personally accumulated knowledge into consideration) are still valid to you? Then
decide that you will discard that habit or continue with it for no other reason than because it
is your choice and it feels good to you.

I will use the eating of meat as an example because it is one of the most densifying
substances that we can ingest on our vibrational frequency. (It has been my personal
experience that the finer tuned our vibrational frequency, the finer and better quality our life
Many of us eat meat simply because it has been fed to us from birth. If we had to go
and slaughter, skin and gut an animal to prepare for food, many of us would seriously
consider other well-known alternatives as a protein source. These comments are made not in
judgment, but as a reference for how we often continue choices that may not be in our best
interest simply because we have not stopped to question other alternatives. Many choices are
simply habitual.

If we wish to improve the quality of our lives, we should stop all our habits, and after
an in-depth analysis, accept only those that we find to be the most positive for us. This
would be a great start.

[excerpt from Jasmuheen`s In Resonance]

Daily Shorty - 1/30/2014

Every thought, every idea, every being, every thing is vibration.
So if you focus your attention on something, the vibration of your being begins to mirror that, what you are focusing one. The more you think about it, the more you vibrate on that frequency; and the more you vibrate on that frequency, the more of that thought you draw into your life.

This trend prevails as long as you do not emanate a different vibration;
then you begin to draw things and events into your life which suit your new frequency.


"Hard work is not the path to Well- Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being. You don't create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls action from you "~ Abraham Hicks

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Daily Shorty 1/29/2014

If you think about anything, it is the same as planning a future event.
If you appreciate things or people wholeheartedly, you plan your future.
If you are worried or stressed, you plan your future as well.
To worry means to use your power of imagination to create something that you do not desire.
Think twice.


If we have not quiet in our minds, outward comfort will do no more for us than a golden slipper on a gouty foot. ~ John Bunyan
Don´t worry- be LYL

------------------------Weekly Doc------------------------

Expand your mind and Level Your Life

Welcome to the recreational infotainment section of Level Your Life.                                         
Here you will find a fresh,exciting and mind-expanding documentation every wednesday.

1/29/2014 [KRS-One | 40 Years of Hiphop]

KRS-One shares valuable secrets on the history, meaning and philosophy of Hip Hop. Slavery, education, spirituality, culture, modern society, war, the economy, mainstream hip-hop and much more were discussed at this historical event

2/5/2014 [Sonic Geometry]

Exciting bit on the Language of Frequency and Form

12/5/2014 [The Freedom Movie 2]

Step 1: Cleanse Your Mind
Remove the subconscious programming and conditioning from your life!

Step 2: Heal Your Body
Heal your body, reverse disease and feel how good it feels to be healthy!

Step 3: A Spiritual Awakening
Know how powerful of a being humans truly are!

2/20/2014 The Cross of Toth

No introduction needed...I guess you can not go much deeper into the spiritual rabbithole.

The Pendulum

                          [back to SMT Overview]

The following is an excerpt of Self-Hypnotism: The Technique and Its Use in Daily Living by Leslie M.LeCron. We recommend it in order to get a clear understanding of what self-hypnosis is and to learn more about the use of the pendulum. You will be shocked how many misconceptions you acquired due to, for instance, Hollywood.

Learn how to use a pendulum and contact your subconscious mind(just try)

As a pendulum almost every light object can be used. For instance a ring,a small metal frame, or a medallion. The item needs to be bound to a 12-17cm long yarn (4,7-7inches).
(I myself use an old sports medal; but many people have been successfull with these Natural Amethyst Crystal Pendulums)
The pendulum has been used for centuries to forecast the future , our use of it, of course, has nothing to do with prophecy.
We will just use it to gather information from our subconscious mind; the pendulum being by far the easiest and quickest method to establish contact .
A small group of doctors,dentists and psychologists, which is known as the "Hypnose Simposium" , has instructed thousands of physicians in this method.
In thousands of cases it has been used - also by psychiatrists  - with great success. 
When using the pendulum you should keep the yarn or chain between your thumb and forefinger;the elbow gently rested on a table or (if no other option) your knee. Like that ,the pendulum can oscillate without any restraint.

hold your pendulum like that

The pendulum is able to move into 4 different directions:
-straight from left to right
-front to back
Pendulum movement (from above)

Each direction refers to a specific answer. Just like when calibrating with SMTs , we first have to know what`s what. The possible answers are:
-I do not know
-I do not want to answer (this one indicates that there is some kind of issue in regards to the question)

Take a couple of deep breaths, sit comfortably and simply say or think while gently holding your pendulum between forefinger and thumb. "What means yes?"
Relax, and watch what happens. (This might be a mind expanding experience for you , if you have never done it before and did it correctly)

After a couple of seconds the pendulum should start to swing in a certain direction.This will be the direction assigned to "Yes" (obviously).Sometimes it takes a little bit longer - just stay focused and it will happen.

Now go on and calibrate the other three answers,(ask "what means no?", "what means "I do not know", "what means "i do not want to answer"?) this needs to be done everytime you use the pendulum, but it is a rather quick process once you are used to it.
calibrate your pendulum

Basically, you are already set now. Once you have calibrated the meaning of each direction you are free to ask your sub-consciousness everything you desire to know.  (go back to how to calibrate)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Daily Shorty 1/28/2014

Every thought vibrates, every thought sends out signals and every thought  draws matching signals in.
This process is called the "Law of Attraction."~ like attracts like.

Heaven or hell, they are all created by ourselves ~ no one particular


You create your own reality, no one else is going to do it for you.
You create your own reality, even if you are not aware of it.
This is why your creations are sometimes negligent or inadequate.
When you become conscious of your thoughts and begin to choose+emanate
them purposeful, you become the conscious Creator of your reality.
This resonates with your original intention. The reason why you are here.


During meditation, if we can concentrate all our attention on one point, and put all problems in front of it, then they can be solved immediately. Our power is great, but we never use it. If we do not use our power by concentrating on it, then it seems we do not have any power at all.

--The Supreme Master Ching Hai


Gently,step by step, dissolve yourself from any thoughts that create resistance,because they are the only thing that hinders you from fulfilling your Quest. The relief you will then feel indicates that you are abolishing inner resistance.Just like that ; the tension, anger and frustration you felt before were indicators that you strengthened your inner resistance.


If we are pure at heart, we would not wish one person well and not another. We should see there is no difference between one person or another. Then our pure thoughts can be evenly spread between all people. Sunshine can reflect on clean water but not on dirty water. God's light will be reflected by those persons with a pure heart.

--Hari Dass


"Why does it take so long to fulfill my wishes?"
It is not because you are not intelligent enough.
It is not because you are not worth it.
The only reason, why you have not reached your desire yet ,is because you cling to a vibrational pattern which does not suit your wish.


If one is not effected by the never ending stream of desires, in the same way the ocean remains constant despite a never ending flow of water from many rivers, one can achieve peace in the mind which can never be achieved if one still wants to satisfy his desires. ~Bhagavad-gita


Your progress is inevitable.It has to be this way. You can not not progress.
But you are not here to consciously strife for progress and evolution - you are here to experience wonderful joy.Yes, this is why you are here.


If we don't love ourselves, we would not love others. When someone tell you to love others first, and to love others more than ourselves; it is impossible. If you can't love yourselves, you can't love anybody else. Therefore we must gather up our great power so that we know in what ways we are good, what special abilities we have, what wisdom, what kind of talent we have, and how big our love is. When we can recognize our virtues, we can learn how to love others.

--The Supreme Master Ching Hai

Monday, January 27, 2014

The 25-day Process

The path to success might be long; but the reward is more than worth it.
                          [25~ days to form a new habit ~ YOU + 25 perfect days  =  perfect ? ]

Everything you do in this present moment has the good chance of becoming a habit...
so browsing LYL right now is a good start......

Once we are clear about how we would really like to be; which dreams or desires
we wholeheartedly  would like to manifest, it is time to take steps accordingly.
Our first few steps will serve as a steadfast fundament for all of our future personal development.

There might be many things we dislike about our current status-quo of living.
Of course it is not possible to change all of that at once;
especially if you have developed strong negative habits.
It is one of our main-goals to reduce those bad habits as well as we can during these twentyfive days,
and maybe even eliminate them completely.

This is a necessary step, because one has  to understand that his willpower is restricted and every fresh decision drains it; so in order to really experience and live our lifes to the fullest it is advisable to implement the most positive habits you can think of into your daily routine.
In the long run this is the only way to enable you to have enough power
to step out of your comfort zone frequently. And we all know this is where the fun is at.

So,It is true that it takes around 21+- days to form a new habit.

We will use 25 for good measurement and to be on the safe side, also the first "perfect" day can be a troublesome one ,therefore we are giving you some time to adjust to your new style of life.
In theory it is possible to transform every aspect of your life during these 3+ weeks.
Just design every day perfectly and after these twenty five days you will be habitually perfect.

The 25 day process is unique for everyone as no one can tell you what you want and what is specifically needed to accomplish that. You have to have a vivid conception of how  the ideal version of yourself looks like - in all its aspects - and this needs to be written down. (Which attributes or skills do you want to cultivate?)

Of course this journey is going to be long, seemingly endless but remember even a
thousand mile journey starts with a single step - and this is how we are going to accomplish it.
Step by step,day by day, hour by hour.

Basically the goal during your 25-day-process is to live everyday as "perfect" as you can - without any excuses. Of course they won`t be perfect, perfection is an illusion, but in this way your mind,
soul and body will be trained for the extraordinary.Try to get the most out of your work-out,relationships,business,meditation  and life in general while staying in the present moment (and enjoying it too!)

Additionaly to all of the mind expanding content on LYL which should greatly assist you to achieve your personal goals, we will implement three easy but immensely powerful techniques to conquer your twenty five day character creation.

All of them should be used eagerly throughout the whole process.

a) preconceived diary

This is a simple but enormously powerful tool.
Ideally before going to bed take 5-10 minutes and write your diary.
But not in the usual way. Take a minute;visualize the next day and how everything would go if it were to be perfect.
Then write it down as if you just experienced it.Use a lot of adjectives to give some soul to your "prophecy".
Of course not everything will go according to your diary but your mind will be directed to the way you strife to go.

This simple method does not only enhance your visualization skill but also gives you a sense of control over your day. Just gently try to stay on the path of your diary and notice how things unfold in the coming days.

In theory if you design every new day perfectly (to your own standard) and act according to it.
After these 25 days you will be habitually perfect. (!) - something which obviously everyone should strife for.

b) 1-hour-purpose

Many of you are probably familiar with the idea to write down your (longterm) goals and reread them frequently  in order to achieve them. This, we are going to take to the next Level as well.
To stay on track and keep your mind in the right direction we encourage you to write down your purpose for each new hour. Just one (maybe two) sentences about what you want to accomplish in this hour.

Sounds easy ? Try it and notice how your productivity,focus and thought-control improve daily .Also notice the difference between how the events in your life unfold when you use this technique and when you don´t.That is the reason why  it is important to not skip an hour. Do not get lazy with it, unless that is your purpose for the next hour. :) .

c) daily reevaluation

At the end of each day we will evaluate our performance by asking us

"What went well?"
                                          "What needs improvement?"

After completing your personal 25-day-process you have reached LYL Level 1 and are free to begin with your 56 Lessons of the Seeker.

[Add-on: Breaking all habits]

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The SMTs

The SMTs (self-muscle-tests) are a main ingredient of LYL.
Having a fluent connection to your sub- and super conscious mind is very a powerful tool 
and we encourage you to implement a SMT into your daily routine.
Try out a few and find the one who feels and works best for you.

We are not going to write essays, as to why and how this exactly works.
If you like to dig deeper, we wholeheartedly recommend you this book.

This is a true diamond of a book and everyone should read it, but 
 actually it should not interest us why exactly something works if it is beneficial for our life.

So just experiment a little and figure it out for yourself....

[if you are new please read "The Compass of Truth" first]

SMTs are based on kinesiology. Some people, who obviously do not know anything about it, condemn it as pseudoscientific. The  reasons for that are:
- the results are purely subjective to the user, therefore it is impossible to gather empiric data
- if more people were to know about applied kinesiology and really figure out how to use it effectively, the implications for the current status-quo of our society would be earth shattering.
-you ought not to know about it

It is our experience that some self-muscle-tests (SMT)
are more significant and trustworthy for certain people than others.
Everyone has a favorite variant. You have to find the one that works best for you and which YOU trust the most.

Now we will introduce you to a couple of tests.
On first glance they look so simple and you might wonder how something as easy as that could possibly change your life; but once you go deeper into the subject you will experience something new (some might even say magical)

Once you think you know which SMT could work for you please go back to
"How to calibrate" and continue with C) there.

If for whatever reason the SMTs do not work for you or you feel uncomfortable with them, be sure to skip to 11) and check out the Alternative.

1]Stretched arm pushes down the other arm

improve your life
Stretched arm pushes down the other arm
This self-muscle-test has been very reliable to many. Although it is far from my personal favorite.

I place my right forearm over my left forearm.
Now I gaze at a (around) 45 degree angle at the floor in front of me  and imagine something pleasant.
I focus on my feelings and tell myself "Hold!" . Then I will try to push down my left arm with my right one.
When imagining something pleasant this, naturally, should not work.
The Reaction of your muscle should be "strong", it should be "locked", signaling a "YES"-Answer.
Meaning that both arms should stay up (unless you really POWER them down). Try to develop a feeling as to when the muscle "locks".

Afterwards I imagine something unpleasant (for example, a time where i failed my expectations, a failed love-relationship or simply dog poo)
When now trying to push down my right arm, both arms should easily do so; there is no "lock" this time but a weak muscle  - indicating a "no".

For many people this SMT only works exactly as described. The Right arm has to be above the left one . If the left one is put on top ,many people
can push down their arms "no matter what" and the calibration does not work. (this might have something to do with your right/left brain activity but this is just  mere speculation, you will just have to experiment a little to figure out what works best for yourself.

2]Pushing down the bent leg with your hand

push down your lifted leg
While sitting down, put your hand on your thigh or knee and lift it a little.
Now after asking a question try to push down your bent leg. If it stays up and "locked" this
SMT indicates a "Yes", if you can easily push it down, it is a no.

3]The Two Rings (!)

separate the rings
I form two rings with the thumb and forefinger of each of my hands.I interlace them like a chain link.
Then , after asking a question, I try to open the (double) ring with some force by pulling it apart.
If the rings do not separate and stay "locked" that indiciates a "Yes". If one ring opens and lets the other on free, that would be a "No".

This is one of our favorite techniques.

4]Ring and Finger

open the ring with your forefinger
This is an alternative to "The Two Rings" and one of our favorite techniques
.Like with all SMTs you will have to do some experimenting as to how much "force" is needed.
Instead of using two rings we will just form one ring with our l
eft hand and use the right forefinger "to break it".
So if I ask a question and the ring breaks, this indicates a no. If the ring stays "locked" this signals a Yes.
As said before, you will have to do some experimenting as to how much force is needed when trying to break the ring, but there is no need to be timid - you will feel which
amount of pressure is right after some tight. Just start by using "full force" and really ripping the ring apart and then lessen the pressure try by try until it feels "right" for you.

5]The "O"

push down the "O"

Bring together both thumbs and forefingers at the area of your fingernails to form a kind of big "O".
Then with the outer "pincer" you formed try to press down your other fingers.
If the "o" can get pressed down (weak muscle) this indicates a NO. On the other hand if the "O" stays strong it signals a "yes".

For many people this only works if the right hand is the "outer pincer.Otherwise the test results seem not be accurate.

6]Pushing down the trigger-finger

push down the trigger finger with the other
Stretch your left forefinger and try to push it down with your right one on the front of the finger (as depicted).
This can be compared to Stretched Arm pushes the other arm down.
If the finger stays up , "locked", and strong that`s a "yes". If it tilts down the answer to your question is a no (or not yes).

7]Opening the Ring

open the ring with thumb and forefinger
I form a ring with my thumb and forefinger on one hand and put the other thumb and forefinger "through" it.
After asking a question I try to open the ring by pushing. As always, if the muscle locks, and the ring stays in good shape that indicates a yes.
Breaking the ring easily signals a "no".


try to flick your finger after asking a question
I put my fore- or middle-finger in the nick of my bent thumb.
This way my fingers form a (partially overlapping) ring.
Now I "flick" , meaning I push my "fingernail" with force against my thumb.
If it "flicks" this indicates a weak muscle and a no-answer.(or not yes!)
If the ring stays closed this indicates a strong muscle reaktion and a yes.

This is a great test because you only need one hand for it and therefor can do it almost everywhere. Of course do not doing while operating a vehilce or something alike.
Furthermore be sure to have your fingernails cut before trying to "flick" or there might occur anomalies in your calibrations.

9]Circle your Thumb and Triggerfinger

circle your finger on your thumb and feel the skin resistance
I put my fore- or middle-finger in the nick of my bent thumb.
This way my fingers form a (partially overlapping) ring.
Now I "flick" , meaning I push my "fingernail" with force against my thumb.
If it "flicks" this indicates a weak muscle and a no-answer.(or not yes!)
If the ring stays closed this indicates a strong muscle reaktion and a yes.

This is a great test because you only need one hand for it and therefor can do it almost everywhere. Of course do not doing while operating a vehilce or something alike.
Furthermore be sure to have your fingernails cut before trying to "flick" or there might occur anomalies in your calibrations.

10]The Body Pendulum

use your body as a pendulum
This SMT is called "the Body Pendulum. It uses the whole body as a instrument for resonance.
I stand loose and erect; the feet are to beequally strained. Then I tell my body "Show me what means "yes"!".
My body is now going to move slowly to the front or back (or for some people left and right) .
Now I say "show me what means no" and my body is going to move in the opposite direction.

It is individually different which directions means what, although most people tend to "swing" forward to indicate a"yes".Like always, you will have to do your own calibrations to see what works for you.
I have not much experience individually with the body pendulum but very many people trust it wholeheartedly.

11]The Alternative / The Pendulum

quickest way to talk to your subconscious mind- The Pendulum !
If you  feel uncomfortable for whatever reason using one of the above SMTs,
there is an easy alternative to establish a quick and fluent connection to your subconscious mind.

If you want to find out more please visit this section

The Alternative SMT - The Pendulum

[deeper Knowledge]

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


There is nothing, that you can not be, can not do, or can not have. And whatever you desire : we want to help you to reach it. But we also love your current state , even if, you are  unhappy with it, because we know how wonderful each step of your journey is going to be.
What should we “do” with the mind in meditation?
Nothing. Just leave it, simply, as it is.~ Sogyal Rinpoche


You are born with the knowledge that you create your own reality. This knowledge is so deeply anchored inside of you, that you feel an inner disharmony, whenever someone tries to thwart your creation.
Be absolutely certain that you are the creator of your own life experience, and that complete freedom is the basis of your true experience . In the end only you are responsible for which experiences you create.

In original nature
There is no this and that.
The Great Round Mirror
Has no likes or dislikes.~ Seung Sahn
spiritual awakening


Do you really know what you want ? Do you enjoy the evolution of your desires ? If you are one of the few people who can answer this question with "Yes,i enjoy the ongoing development of my desires " then you do not only know your true nature but also what counts in this physical life.


We are here and it is now.
Further than that, all human knowledge is moonshine.
 ~ H.L. Mencken


We try to communicate simultaneously on a multitude of consciousness-levels with you. But you will receive ronly that,for what you are receptive to.
Everyone is going to draw different conclusions from this material,
but everytime you reread it, you will gain new insights.

The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.



Basically you are not able to learn through words.
Your true knowledge comes from your own life experience. Despite the fact that you are always accumulating experience and knowledge,your life is not exclusively restriced to it. Rather it is about fulfillment,success and joy. Your life serves to express your true self.


A single moment of awakening in this world is eternity in the world to come.
The inner peace of the world to come is living in this world with full attention.
The two are one; flip sides of a coin forever tumbling and never caught.

 ~ from Pirke Avot

eeexpreeess yourseeelf


You remember now, that you are free ( you are even free to decide to put shackles around your mind) and that, what comes to you, is a reaction to the thoughts  you choose.


Love is difficult, because loving is not enough:
We must, like God, ourselves be Love. ~Angelus Silesius


It is your purporse to use your energy wisely.
This is why you exist. You are a being , that  flows with  energy and can focus this energy via aimed awareness. You are the creator, and in the whole universe there is nothing worse than being born into a contrast-rich environment, that awakens many desires , to then block the energy, so that it can not flow into the manifestation of your wishes.
Like that life really is wasted.


Think not of the amount to be accomplished, the difficulties to be overcome, or the end to be attained, but set earnestly at the little task at your elbow, letting that be sufficient for the day. ~Sir William Osler

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


You possess the ability to steer your thoughts. You are free to observe things as they are or to imagine how you would like them to be. Whether you observe something or imagine something; there is no difference in its impact.But in both cases you create a certain vibration with your thoughts  and this vibration draws people,things and events  into your life which resonate with it.


Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past.

~ Jack Kornfield




When you say "I want that this  to happen, which has not yet  happened" you activate not only the vibration of your wish, but also the vibration of the absence of your desire - this way nothing is going to change in your life. Even when you just say the first half of the sentence, the vibration of scarcity still remains on a subliminal level and prevent you from fully opening up to your wish.


If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought ~ Unknown


Always remember , we are living in a universe of vibrations and everything is liable to the Law of Attraction.You get what your thoughts reflect - whether you like it or not.
When you get harmonial coherence because you put focus on your desire, the essence of that vibration will manifest into your life.


"To observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence" ~ Jiddu Krishanumurti