Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 3.39 - Chi

Level Your Life - [The Level of Chi] [3.39]


The Chinese symbol for chi (also spelled qi) depicts a direct connection to the divine force of life, with the very first calligraphic brushstroke pulling this force down into our inner being
Then, three horizontal strokes represent the immediate opening to the sky, the world around us, and the earth below, where we become nourished and grow.Finally with a sweeping upward stroke, we combine all three dimensions of this force with one swoop, and from the center (our dantien, or belly) we reach out to all eight directions to gather chi into the center of our being.

As we learn to dance through the rapidly moving strokes of this magical symbol, we will become completely energized - all chi´ed up !

Chi is that deep, dynamic spiritual force or energy experienced when mind and body are in sync.
Chi is everywhere at all times, it is ever present.

Sky,earth,oceans,rivers,forests,mountains, and streams all have chi.
There is environmental chi, both clear and polluted.
There are pleasant chi and annoying chi. It is everywhere you look and in everything you feel. It is within each of us; it is our breath of life. 
It is inner strength or weakness, impossible to see and difficult to explain, yet easy to experience.

All physical stimulates it flow: running, yoga,dance, Tai Chi and more. The breath-watching meditation we teach restores chi.

Through visualization , you can project this spiritual energy into any arena of performance prior to engaging in it. For example before an event, visualize and feel yourself moving with full spirit and energy, your adrenaline flowing freely. Feel the joy and exhilaration as you move effortlessly to your own rhythm and inner dance.

Feel the transition from standing around to participating. Notice how easy it is to access your chi.

There are ten specific things you can do that will create positive, high-level chi in your life.
1.Practice thoughts that are positive
2.Meditate on a daily basis
3.Create a consciousness about healthy food
4.Reduce or eliminate low energy substances in your diet like alcohol,caffeine and drugs
5.List seven things that you appreciate in your life (health,friends,mental acuity,home,education,etc)
 and go about your day with these in mind
6.Listen to music that uplifts you|
7.Make a collage of inspirational photos and keep them where you can see them every day |
8.Choose to spend your time with highly functional,energetic people
9.Go outside into nature each day
10.And perform a random act of kindness daily

With practice and positive mental focus, you can experience this inner chi power consistently.

Declaration: I am aware of my sacred power of chi and practice using it prior to beginning all physical activity.Breathing and visualization help restore this inner power.

Reflection: What are some of the ways in which I can employ this special energy in all aspects of my life ? What can I do now to access this chi?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]