Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 3.56 - Fatigue

stop the fatigue in the world
Level Your Life [The Level of Fatigue][3.56]


Fatigue is always a factor in life.To resist it means fighting the inevitable visit by this unwelcome friend, and the anxiety and tension you create in the fight cause even greater fatigue. To triumph over fatigue, assume a yielding posture by refusing to force it away or become angry at it.Essentially, it helps to know that fatigue is a natural response brought on by overexertion. It´s the body´s way of telling you to eat, rest or reevaluate your daily routine.
Acknowledging this universal truth, the warrior can relax, thereby relieving some of the fatigue.
Refuse to give more power to this nuisance as you return your focus on the task at hand. Like always focus on small,manageable segments and the important little things you can control.
Talk yourself through the fatigue by reminding yourself that everybody experiences it at this point in the activity.It`s the price we all pay for breaking through our limitations.
Affirm to yourself : "I feel strong - I can do it. " Tell your body that you will give it sufficient rest when the activity is complete."
In many situations, you might well remember that fatigue is a feeling all warriors experience prior to entering the next level of their potential. Such a positive attitude can reduce the pain to a tolerable level. Nonresistance, yielding and blending with fatigue will help reduce it as you discover a new-found energy.
Whatever technique you use, remember: fatigue is a natural force that is an inherent aspect of exertion. It will always be a factor. If you blend and flow with it, it will fade into the background.

Declaration: Don´t resist and it won´t persist. Fatigue is a familiar friend, a necessary entity in exploring my potential.

Reflection: What have I learned from my past experiences with fatigue ? What do I plan to do when fatigue strikes again ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]