Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 3.16 - Cycles

Level Your Life - [The Cycles] [3.16]


There is only one constant in life - change. Welcome and respect the cycles of change.
Nature´s cycles are inevitable and fighting them is not a healthy option.All things follow cyclical patterns and all who experience success are bound to experience failure as well.
The cyclical nature of life can be obserserved in all arenas of performance.

Change is inherently good because it presents opportunities to grow, expand and create something new. Cycles are a necessary aspect of a full, rich life. One can never be in harmony with the universe unless one embraces its cyclical nature. Remember that in this life, nothing is static - and that is certain.

But, we jokingly ask , is certainty static ? (Hmm !)

It seems that every end is a new beginning and the cycle perpetuates. How often do we hear about a death in a family followed by the birth of a child ? People get fired from their jobs only to experience the beginning of a new , more satisfying life. Notice and embrace your cycles of change as you dance enthusiastically with the rhythm of transformation.
To fight the down cycle or to pretend you are beyond it, is to cause tension and anxiety that will exacerbate the lull.

Listen to nature´s way and blend with its message: change is here- enjoy it.Life is a swinging pendulum.
The Buddha says: "they are wise those thoughts are steady, unaffected by good or bad"

Declaration: When I am impatient with the unpleasant phase of my physical,work or life cycle, I tell myself that this, too, will pass. If I resist, it will persist.

Reflection: What happens to me when I demonstrate resistance to the natural
cycles in my physical program ?  What might I do differently during such times of change ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]