Thursday, January 30, 2014

Addon: 25-Day-Process - Breaking all Habits

This simple exercise can help you to expand your consciousness in regards to your habits.
We encourage you to try it during your 25-Day-(cleansing)process
Break all habits | Level Your Life

Examine and break all habits. Do this for a day, a week or however
long it takes. Stop all habitual behavior, good or bad. When you have looked at and honestly
examined each habit, asked yourself why you do it. Is it because parents, society, peers
expect it or taught you to act or feel in this manner? How many behavior patterns have you
adopted because your parents did them and their parents before them? Have you stopped and
thought if those choices (given the current state of affairs on a personal and social level and
taking personally accumulated knowledge into consideration) are still valid to you? Then
decide that you will discard that habit or continue with it for no other reason than because it
is your choice and it feels good to you.

I will use the eating of meat as an example because it is one of the most densifying
substances that we can ingest on our vibrational frequency. (It has been my personal
experience that the finer tuned our vibrational frequency, the finer and better quality our life
Many of us eat meat simply because it has been fed to us from birth. If we had to go
and slaughter, skin and gut an animal to prepare for food, many of us would seriously
consider other well-known alternatives as a protein source. These comments are made not in
judgment, but as a reference for how we often continue choices that may not be in our best
interest simply because we have not stopped to question other alternatives. Many choices are
simply habitual.

If we wish to improve the quality of our lives, we should stop all our habits, and after
an in-depth analysis, accept only those that we find to be the most positive for us. This
would be a great start.

[excerpt from Jasmuheen`s In Resonance]