Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 2.27 - Belief

believe in level your life
Level Your Life - [The Level of Belief][2.27]


Your opponent´s greatest advantage is your lack of belief in yourself.
We have noticed how so many struggle with this. And although this struggle makes sense, they take believing in themselves to mean belief in winning or controlling results, neither of which is possible.
But when your focus shifts to what you can control, the essential little things that add up to a great deal - your preparation, your attitude, your efforts in the process - your confidence begins to rise, self-doubt diminishes, and belief becomes a possiblity.

The adventurer believes that ultimate triumph is defined as the eagerness to be the best one can be by doing the very best one can do. With this as your goal, you garner belief in yourself as you call to mind all your accomplishments, skills, and talents that have created excellence in your past performances.

Perhaps you can also believe in your teammates,coaches,bosses and co-workers - and be confident that they have your best interests in mind.

Researches in the science of aviation have proven that the bumblebee is a terrific aviator, yet it is too small, too heavy, and too fat to fly. Yet it believes it can. Like this creature, you have inside you all that you need to get it done. Believe and receive.

Declaration: When I focus on the process and all that I bring to the arena - both my tangibles and intangibles - I begin to believe I can get the job done.  I believe in my ability to execute because of my diligent and consistent preparation.

Reflection : What are all those essential little things that I can count on demonstrating during my event or activity ? What can I control and how do I execute that brilliantly ?