Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.71 - Humility

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Humility - [The Level of Humility] [4.71]


 It is important to remember from the outset that humility is not about undermining your personal power. On the contrary: by being humble, you become more flexible, yielding and open to learn. In a word, you become stronger.
A posture of a humble heart and genuine respect will bring blessings from all directions.
Humility in life is all about giving: giving credit to others, because without your opponents and friends you would not be where you are.
Notice who those who boast of achievement have little merit. The need some people have to constantly prove themselves is exceedingly harmful, tiring and detrimental to their mental and spiritualwell-being. The warrior acts af if he has received nothing.
We encourage you to feel secure in promoting others. Insecure people have a dire need to promote themselves, but you are more effective and appreciated when you demonstrate humility by focusing on the greatness of others.

In competition, there is always the risk of being too self-involved, smitten with your prowess. The code of the warrior states the more effort you expend in looking good, the further you separate yourself from your heart, excessively self-absorbed behavior creates inner battles, engendering much self-doubt. Be proud of your achievemeeents, cherish your well-deserved recognition, celebrate your efforts, yet focus on
others´ accomplishments as well, giving recognition to the greatness of those around you.

 "Give and in so doing gain" is a mantra worth adopting.

Declaration: I realize that all of my accomplishments and gifts are made possible not only through my diligent work, but through the loving efforts of all the others with me along the way.
My victory is their victory.

Reflection: In what situations in my presenf life can I display humility and how would I demonstrate this virtue?
What has been my biggest blunder with regard to humility, and how would I change it in the future ?

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