Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 2.95 - Perfection

Level Your Life - [The Level of Perfection] [2.95]


The chinese symbols for perfection are about feeling contented, fulfilled and completly in awe of the beauty of nature and its tranfromative variations in every-day living. Of course we want to continually improve and rise above our current level of skill, but in order to grow, we must that wherever we are and however we feel, the moment is alredy perfect
We must always enjoy this perfection as we grow and evolve.At the same time, we must appreciate the concept of perfection as the living process of enjoying the essence of now. The Warrior strivs to enjoy the now by focusing on excellence, not perfection.
There are two kind of people : whose who fail and those who will fail. It is called the law of inevitability. Things come and go; you´re up and then down , you win, then lose- these are the natural cycles of life. Even the greatest of the great are imperfect.Everyone is perfectly imperfectt.
It has been said that the Buddha is only halfway there.
Wow! Where are we if this is so? We can assure you that your effort to be perfect is a setup for failure. It makes you tense, tight and tentative: all conditions that inhibit your performance. Let go of external rewards, others opinions, fear of failure, harsh self-critcism, dwelling on negative outcomes and procrastination.
These are all indicators of perfectionist tendencies. Refuse to give in to these tendencies "Yielding triumphs over the rigid " By being less rigid about results while releasing the irrational quest to be perfect, you reduce anxiety and stress and ironically your performance becomes more aligned with what you believe to be perfect. We suggest that you focus your energy in the here and now and on one goal: to do your best today in order to be the best you can be. In this way, you position yourself for extraordinary - if not perfect- performance.

Declaration: My performance can never be perfect, as perfection is an illusion, somethin unattainable. Instead, I strive for doing my best and let the by-product be excellence.
Reflection: Have I ever had a perfect performance in my life?
In what situations do I seek perfection and how specifically can I set things up so that I am not measuring myself worth by outcomes?