Friday, January 3, 2014

Level 1.66 - Reflection

Level Your Life- [The Reflection Level][1.66]
 All physicial performance has its ups and downs, subject to the natural cycles of life. Periodic fluctuations in performance are sacred opportunities to reflect upon your relationsship with all aspects of life - their patterns and rhythms shift and change. The Warrior understands life´s patterns through reflection asking "Where have i been, where am I now and where am i going?" the answers often lead to positive growth.
For the warrior, reflection is an inner voyage of exploring new ideas, new experiences, a new career or role.It is a time to question and reevaluate, to check in how things are going with your sport,work,diet,fitness regimen and perhaps your life as a whole.
Following battle, the samurai warrior would ask two important reflective questions : "What went well ? What needs work?
Aply this kind of evaluation to every aspect of your life where you might see it fit.
Like a brave,indomitable warrior, refuse to ride the windowless train, traveling blindly only to get off at the last stop and wonder "Where have I been? Whas was hat all about?"
The I ching says "Your inner stillness and reflection bring enlighentment see situations in a strange new light"

Declaration: When I go inside, I can move outside. I will stop,look and listen to the inner voice of reflection.

Reflection: Today, how do I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually ? Why? How do these feelings impact me going forward ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]