Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.20 - Mastery

improve your life with LYL and master it
Level Your Life - [The Level of Mastery] [4.20]


It is interesting to discover that there is no path to mastery: mastery is the path, the journey of never-ending multidimensional growth and development, a zigzah way of excellence. You don´t attain mastery; you live it as a lifestyle one small step at a time and you can measure succes by the quality of those steps.
It is the process of engaging in your physical activity itself and how you go about it that indicate mastery. But what does this really mean?

To be a master is to be a person who has simply ( but easily) mastered the art of living in all endeavors. A master is a perpetual student, always learning self-cultivation. A master never considers himself to be on top or numero uno. A master never gets tired of learning. Masters always experiment with and embrace new challenges and dive into ever more enigmatic and intricate problems on their path toward solving the mysteries of living.

"Mastery is a mysterious process through which what is first difficult becomes easy through diligent,patient long-term practice".

Know that practise, according to most expert opinion, more important than talent when it comes to masterful, extraordinary performance. You simply need to trust this notion as part of the overall journey. By trusting, you are already extraordinary.

Think of mastery as a river: it flows forward only to suddenly change direction and appear to reverse itself back toward its beginning. The flow quickens through the narrows yet slows when it widens. The water is clean and clear yet becomes murky and cloudy. You cannot fight the change or push the river.Mastery is giving yourself over to the riiver and trusting that all things happen for a reason.
This is true progress on the warriorpath in athletics, work and life.

Declaration: Mastery is a process, not a destination. I live the way of mastery each day as a lifestyle of diligent practice and preparation.

Reflection: What do I need to start doing that I´m not doing in order to enter the realm of mastery in my life ? What obstacles stand in my way , keeping me from executing these items?

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