Friday, January 3, 2014

Level 1.75 - Compassion

Level Your Life - [The Level of Compassion][1.75]

When two armies meet, the one with compassion is the one that tastes victory.
The Warrior understands that compassion ignites one`s courage to take risks to excel because, regardless of outcomes or results, compassion will help you to endure hardship and setbacks.
Compassion for self as well as others gives you permission to fail - not that you would choose such a path. It creates safe, understanding environments - inner and outer - that encourage you to trust yourself,your team, your coworkers and friends to continue their efforts in the face of adversity.
The warrior surges ahead of the pack following devastating defeats because he performs in a culture of compassion.
The Chinese symbols for compassion depict a generosity of the heart followed by an active eagerness to participate in the opponent´s joy as well as sorrow. Whether in victory or defeat ,compassion for self and others is the key to success in attaining true well-being.

When you win an athletic contest, your Buddha-nature might ask "How does my opponent feel right now? - to help us keep our battles in perspective.

Declaration: Rather than be critical of myself or others, i choose to put my heart on the line and act with compassion and love.
Reflection : In what specific ways and under what circumstances can I demonstrate compassion to myself and my family,friends and colleagues. What do I imagine I wll feel as a result of this from-the-heart approach? What effect could this have on my future performance?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]

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