Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 2.63 - Fear

stop having fear bruh!
Level Your Life - [The Level of Fear] [2.63]


The warrior knows that fear is nature´s way of helping one remain alert. It is a survival instinct that invites you to asses a situation with caution prior to moving forward and allows you to prepare for it proerly. The I ching tells us "all things in the cosmos will be aroused to movement through fear. Cautious movement will bring success."
Approach fear as if it is a friend to acknowledge and embrace. To fight this natural emotion is to create a counterforce that makes you tense and anxious, which interferes with performance. Fear is healthy. Listen to your fear as you descend down a steep, wet hill on your bike or attempt to dive off a forty-foot cliff into a lake, never having done it before.

Some tasks create fear because of their enormous scale. As an awakened one, you wisely divide them into small, manageable segments until you have completed them. Giving yourself permission to take one stept at a time often reduces the intimidation and fear of an overwhelming situation.
Approaching fear as a friend is the principle of wu wei, a way of working with fear by blending with its own force. Wu wei is effortless action, whereby you accept the natural way ( it´s natural to have fear) and exert the least amount of energy possible when faced with such a situation.
Don´t fight fear or try to run away from it. Listen to its message so you can make adjustments.
Realize, however, that sometimes fear is not fear, but an obsession with outcomes that cannot be controlled. Therfore remember this: FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. If you feel you are in danger , ask yourself why you feel that way. Have you prepared well ? Do you have all the information you need ? Are you out of your comfort zone ? Assess the situation and decide what to do.
"The other side of every fear is freedom." Examine the fear and emancipate yourself from its grip. Once you discern what it is all about, you may disvoer that it is irrational; then you become fre to transcend it and learn what is rally possible. And remember, every warrior feel fear. You must learn to be unafraid of fear and take the risks the journey toward the extraordinary entails.

Declaration: When I examine my fears, I learn to move cautiously forward. Fear is my friend: it is a healthy sign that I am alert to its message. Thank you, fear, for helping me here and for helping me hear your voice.

Reflection: What is the worst-case scenario if I don´t listen to my fear ? Can I live with the outcome ? Am I well prepared for the task ? Am I well informed ? Well equipped ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]