Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.91 - Moderation

find the golden middle way
Level Your Life - [The Level of Moderation] [4.91]


Wisdom, regardless of its source, suggests that we follow nature´s law of moderation and not indulge in extremes of any sort.
We encourage you to strive for moderation in all you do. Be reminded ,however, that moderation does not necessarily mean staying safe in the middle ground.
It is a concept that teaches you how to work with extremes.
Remember that the trouble begins when you go to one of two extremes, such as being too high or too low. Moderation is the wise choice whereby you integrate these opposites into a coherent whole, a balance between both, resulting in an ideal state of performance.

In any physical endeavor, learn to recognize when you have had enough of either extreme.
The addictive nature of sports (or LYL) and fitness can sometimes make it difficult to yield to common sense, to know the delicate balance between being in your best shape and running the risk of injury or

Clearly, when you are training for a major personal event, you may have to go outside the line and disrupt the balance or moderation. Just remember to swing back toward the center when the event is complete.
You may observe that there is nothing  better than moderation; consider this an invitation to avoid excess all aspects of life (social activity,work,diet)
Remember that excess in any arena can usher in disorder,disaster,burnout and fatigue.
Leisure, for example, is good,yet too much of it can lead to restlessness. Work is important, yet in excess it causes havoc in other parts of life. Exercise and sports create vibrancy and wellness, but in overabundance they can strip away the vibrancy one has gained.
The warrior learns to dance between the two extremes with great agility.
Learn to walk the moderate way.

~ The Buddha teaches , 
                   "Everything in moderation. " To which we reply: "Moderation is everything."

Declaration: Excel without excess. I realize my dreams when I avoid the extremes.Balance is power !

Reflection: What aspects of my training, diet, work and life can I trim to avoid excess and as a result be better off? In any aspect of my life, in what ways am I addicted to excess ?

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