Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 2.07 - Thought

level your life and change your thoughts
Level Your Life [The Level of Thought][2.07]


You may notice how random thoughts seem to enter the conscious mind quite suddenly and for no apparent reason. They can be positive or negative, and those that predominate are the ones you feed, or give the most attention to.
To better handle your thoughts - to use the positive ones to best effect and keep those that are not helpful from acquiring power and throwing a shadow over your life - it is best to identify them as they appear.

The idea is to recognize constructive thoughts and to creatively use them to your advantage while disregarding those that disturb.

As we always say, meditation and affirmation are effective ways to help you focus on positive thinking.

Who you are, what you do, and where you go are the direct result of your thoughts.
They can either stengthen you or weaken you. In all activity you performance is shaped by your mind; you become what you think.

When you change your thoughts, your performance follows.

When you are running up a hill,lifting weights, or executing any other advanced physical activity , notice the difference how you feel when you think , "I can do it - I am strong" versus "I can´t do it, I´m a wimp."

Shifting between negative and positive thoughts creates a subsequent shift in your capabilities.
When evaluating your performance, rather than focus on negative thinking - "What went wrong?"- first ask yourself  "What went well?"  and follow the question with "What needs work ?"
These two queries are proactive thoughts that create forward movement and confidence.

Remember Bob Marley´s outlook: we are all responsible for our own mental freedom.
Ask yourself: Is my glass of thoughts half empty or half full ?

Declaration: I choose to think positively and ask , Why not ? I change my performance by focusing on possibilities, not disabilities.

Reflection : What are five situations in my life in which I stand in my own way being negative ?
What can I do today to change my related, hindering thoughts ?

[paraphrased and inspired by Spirit of the Dancing Warrior]