Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.46 - Egolessness

Level Your Life [The Level of Egolessness] [4.46]


All arenas of performance provide you with the opportunity to learn to rise above the hindrance of egocentricity. Greatness and self-mastery are achieved through egoless detachment from oneself. Egocentricity is a hindrance to performance.
The person who needs to boast and impress others is usually doing so out of feelings of deep insecurity and uncertainty. He therefor depletes the chi so necessary for firm, strong action.
Champions appear reserved and without ego, almost if they are too nice to compete, almost too weak to be a threat. Yet when the game is on the line, they fight to the death in egoless fashion. It seems as though egolessess is always rewarded in every aspect of life.

The warrior realizes how consistent ego involvement creates interference with one´s performance.
Much chi is wasted in your effort to defend your greatness. In an ironic twist, your ego gets what it desires by stroking the ego of others. We want to encourage you to look for opportunities to sincerely celebrate and affirm the journey of friends and competitors, nurturing them on their path to personal greatness.
After all the better they are, the better you become. Notice how such action helps you as well.
As a warrior, know that any ego-related behaviour creates unneecessary anxiety and tension due to the relentless need to live up to your self-centered illusions. Know that less focus on self means more positive regard from others.

"They do not make claims, therefore they are credited; they do not boast; therefore they advance."

Declaration: The less I talk about me, the more others will see.
I take time to affirm the greatness in others.

Reflection: What is my real purpose in telling others about my accomplishments? What do I like least about myself and can be done to change that? What are some things I can do to bring out the best in others?

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