Monday, January 20, 2014

Level 4.84 - Detachment

detach from your stupidity
Level Your Life - [The Level of Detachment] [4.84]


We have noticed that whether you lose or win, one thing is certain: neither is an indication of your self-worth as an athlete or a person. Both are simply gauges that measure your performance on that given day in relation to several variables that may be beyond your control.
Detachment doesn´t mean not caring about outcomes and results. Winning is fun, and the quickest path to winning is attending to the little things (the things in your control). When the event is completed, you simply need to detach your ego (sense of self) from the results.Remember that you are not the result; you are so much more.
When you can think this way ( and many times you can´t) you experience joy and satisfaction as well as a new personal freedom.
But it is difficult to learn the wisdom of release or detachment. It almost seems counterintuitive, like so much we have already explored. It takes much courage to enter into this unfamiliar place of letting go of past successes and failures and refusing to let either results dictate who you are.

Attachment to outcomes is an old habit, a trap that incarcerates the mind.You can still feel discouraged, disappointed and even depressed after a tough loss, but you must get a perspective and get on with life.

"The stronger the attachement , the greater the cost." ~ Tao te Ching

Learning this enables you to go back into the arena as a warrior with vitality and excitement, eager to take more risks and without the fear of putting it all on the line. Such freedrom allows you to dance your game completely uninhibited , the way you were meant to.
Buddhist thought tells us that  too strong an  attachment to results will lead you away from the cultivation of awareness and greatness.

So does this mean the Buddha is attached to detachment?:) Our path is simple, but not easy.

Declaration: When I´m detached , my performance can´t be matched. The stronger the attachment, the greater the cost.

Reflection: What am I attached to that stands in the way of something good happening, and what can I do to help myself detach from this ?

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