Once you have decided ,that time for change in your life has finally come and you are ready to start your game of LYL, it is time to create your  Avatar.

The time of the creation itself functions as a  LYL tutorial and takes exactly 25 days.
During these 25 days ,together, we will will lay the fundamental groundworks
for your future personal development.

See this timespan as the prologue or introduction to your unique LYL-story

After these 3 weeks you have reached LYL LVL 1 and your character will be officially created.
                            (Also you will feel like you have never felt before)

                                          [only continue if you desire to change your life]

The Prologue 0.1

In the beginning....

there is one fundamental question that you should ask yourself now, if you are not already aware of the answer -really,really take your time with it. 

"How would you really like to be?"
"How do you see the ideal version of yourself?"
"What are you sick of?"
"If you could start of fresh, what would you become?"

     "What do you really want in your short life ?"

Create a mind-map of your LYL Character to be 0.15 

Once you have decided what you really desire to manifest in your life, it is time to write it down.

Which character-traits,attributes or skill-sets would you like to cultivate?
How exactly do you see the ideal version of yourself?
How would you structure your average day in order to get the most out of it and
attain your personal goals over time?
What factors are holding you back and should definetly be reduced or eliminated?
What else could be important determinants on my new path ?

Keep your mind map somewhere close and update it frequently - because once you started thinking
about your new self , you will get fresh and better ideas on a regular basis.

At first, your mind map will probably be nothing but a blurry,vague picture
you can hardly see from the distance. But as we move forward ,day by day this picture will become clearer and clearer until we finally see it in high definiton.

Get your character sheet and learn how to calibrate 0.25

This step is not necessary to enjoy the content of LYL. However, if you want to take your consciousness to the next Level, it is.

a)Character Sheets
b)How to "calibrate"

Beginning: 25-day process / 56 Lessons of the Seeker 0.99

Finally you are ready to enjoy the full potential of LYL.


b)56 Lessons of the Seeker