How to calibrate / The SubC-S-System

A)What is a "Calibration? 

When we "calibrate" we use one of the specified LYL methods to tap into our subconscious mind.
We will show you how  to navigate your own "Compass of Truth".
The techniques we are going to introduce to you  all rely on what is called the body-consciousness.
Your body-consciousness is directly related to not only your subconscious mind but also your super-conscious mind.

(Yes, this is nothing you get taught in school, welcome to the end of the internet!However ,if our explanations are not enough for you, we wholeheartedly encourage you to grab this this book )

Once you have learned to use a SMT (Self-Muscle-Test) you will be able to ask your subconsciousness anything you desire to know.

This way it will be possible for you to fill out your character sheet.

The knowledge of these methods have been hidden from the public for a long time and only came to light in recent years ; and although these techniques have nothing to do with "Magik" ,occultism or
the like, we stumbled up on an interesting quote from a man, who was undoubtedly ahead of his time - truely avantgarde.

Click to see the quote

11. Science enables us to take advantage of the continuity of Nature by the empirical application of certain principles whose interplay involves different orders of idea connected with each other in a way beyond our present comprehension.

 (Illustration: We are able to light cities by rule-of-thumb methods. We do not know what consciousness is, or how it is connected with muscular action; what electricity is or how it is connected with the machines that generate it; and our methods depend on calculations involving mathematical ideas which have no correspondence in the Universe as we know it.1) ?
~Aleister Crowley -Magick in Theory and Practice  

B)The SMTs

The SMTs are one of the main tools in order to fully enjoy LYL and the SubCs-System. To see a complete overview of all our self-muscle-tests click here

Full SMT Overview

C)the Calibration Calibration

In order to test any statement or question, it is first necessary for you to have calibrated your system.
Meaning that  you clearly know when your body-consciousness answers with yes or no (rather not yes).
The following 6 steps will help you to do that. Use them combined with any of the eleven given self-test variants that feels most comfortable for you.

<- I imagine something pleasant
<--I think "Hold"
<--I test strong - my system says: "Yes"

<--I imagine something unpleasant
<--I think "Hold"
<--I test weak - my system says :"No".

<--I say/think "My name is John" (true name)
<--I think "hold"
<--I test strong - my system says: "Yes"

<--I say/(think "My name is Rumpelstilzchen" (untrue name)
<--I think "hold"
<--I test weak - my system says "No"

<--I say/think "yes"
<--I think "hold"
<--I test strong - my system says "Yes"

<--I say or think "no"
<--I think "hold"
<--I test weak - my system says "No"

~ After some practice you will notice that you can skip certain steps, but not until you are well experienced with at least one of the given methods

D)How to formulate the questions

There are some things you need to be aware of when  questioning your subconscious mind.

1.)Do not ask questions. Make Statements. This is a common rookie mistake.
Instead of asking "Is my Name John?" and then test, say/think "My Name is John!" before you calibrate the answer.

2.)Be sure that you are calm and in an peaceful environment when asking questions. Any tension or anxiety will disrupt the flow to your subconsciousness and body-consciousness ; making it impossible to gather the information we are searching for.Always take a couple of deep breaths before calibrating.

3.)Be sure not to wear any metallic items (watch, necklace, glasses) when asking questions, this could also disrupt the flow.

4.)Do not ask questions regarding the future. Although your subconscious mind will give you something like an educated guess ,we sincerely advise you not to try any kind of "prophecy".  Do not invest in stocks or the like  because of a calibration :)

Note: Your subconscious mind understands almost everything child-like. Be sure to use clear statements.

E)What if can not get it to work?

If for whatever reason the SMTs do not work for you , there is still an alternative you should definetly try.
Be sure to check it out.
                                  The Pendulum

If you have any other problems you will find help in our Forum.

Needless to say it is not necessary to learn any of these techniques to enjoy LYL and the 56 Lessons of the Seeker.

F) Implementing the scales

This is the final step to complete the use of our SubC-S System. And it is an easy one.
For example if you want to know the value of your current "Courage".
Just ask while calibrating :

"On a scale from 1-100, where 100 defines my maximum potential and 1 my minimum, where does my courage rank at the moment?"

then proceed and test the following statement

 "It ranks higher than 10" if you get a YES answer you simply continue with

"It ranks higher than 20" if you get another YES , proceed with

"It ranks higher than 30" and so on . Continue in this way until you get a "no" answer .

For instance, if my courage ranks higher than 20 (YES) but not higher than 30 (NO) , I now know that the value is somewhere between 20 and 30.
Then we can go into detail and ask
"It ranks higher than 21?" (YES)
"Higher than 22?"(YES)
"Higher than 23? (NO)
This suggests that our courage calibrates right now at 23, prompting us to our final statement/question:

"On a scale from 1-100, where 100 defines my maximum potential and 1 my minimum, my courage ranks exactly at 23"  (YES)

The type of scale you use can be designed however you like it.
A scale from 1-101-100,1-1000 or 1-10000000 everything is possible.
However 1-100 seems to be the most effective.
There are many more ways to use this kind of system,if you have new ideas or questions please join our forum - we are happy to hear them.