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12/1/2013 [ be happy yourself]

The biggest gift you can give to someone else  is to be happy yourself.
If you are in a state of joy,happiness or deep appreciation your channel for the clear,
positive energy of the universal source - your true self -  is wide open.
And when this energy is flowing through you; all beings and things
benefit from your conscious attention.

12/2/2013 [ where to focus ]

It is very important for you to determine where you are exactly concerning the manifestation of a desire.
Only then it becomes possible for you to steer its completion consciously.
Based on these determinations of your position you can decide wisely for your future journey

12/3/2013 [where to focus] [raise your vibration]

If you focus your consciousness on something that you can deeply appreciate, you will soon realize that good (or interesting) things in all aspects of life will be drawn to you. Naturally, you will begin to emanate a sense of deep appreciation which will always return to you.
Feeling this way is not only very comfortable but also a confirmation that you are in harmony with the universal source.

12/4/2013 [ take your time ] [raise your vibration]

If you take some time each day to get familiar with the methods we are introducing to you, they will begin to draw a sense of well being,vitality,wealth and positive interactions with other people in your field of experience - all these things, that are  part of your vision of a perfect life..

12/5/2013 [creative/thought control] [raise your vibration]

Most people merely react to what they observe in their environment.
One who acts like that, does not posess any creative control over his life.
Creative control can only be achieved if you choose your thoughts consciously.
Visualizing your desires you will gain absolute control.

12/6/2013 [Life is......]

Life is not about the future, life is about right now.

Life is about how you shape and channel your energy in the present.

12/7/2013 [where to focus] [raise your vibration]

When your thoughts and words deal with nothing but scarcity and you try to justify your desire with it, you do nothing but enhance the vibration of your current unpleasant situation.
You hinder yourself to get in a harmonial coherence with your desire and
 thereby can not receive what you ask for.
As long as you focus more on what you do NOT want ; what you really WANT can not and will not manifest.
Life is not about the future, life is about right now.

Life is about how you shape and channel your energy in the present.

12/8/2013 [expectations] [thought control]

When confronted with other people you are often not entirely sure, whether a certain thought really feels good for you or if you are just thinking it in order to comply with the expectations of others.
It is essential, that you set yourself free from any expectations,desires,opinions and convictions of others.
Only by doing so it is possible for you to feel your individual uniqueness.

12/9/2013 [vibrational harmony]

Your fortune does not depend on  others - it is solely based on your own vibration. The fortune of others does not depend on you but solely on their unique vibration.
Your feelings depend exclusively on the vibrational-pattern which are active right NOW inside you.

Basically how you feel , clearly indiciates to which extent your desires reside in harmony with your current vibration.

12/10/2013 [vibrational harmony][thought control]

What you think and what you get always matches perfectly. So it can be very helpful  to develop a conscious relation between your thinking and that what manifests in your life.
It would be even better , if you could preconceive the  consequences of your current
thoughts before they manifest.
Once you have learned to  comprehend your emotions and vibration, you will exactly know where your life is headed at this exact moment of time.

12/11/2013 [vibrational harmony] [wealth]

You do not have to be rich yet in order to attract wealth, but you have to feel rich already . If instead you are feeling poor and miserable, you are creating inner resistance which will cut you off from your wealth and well being.

12/12/2013 [vibrational distractions] [fear]

No matter how grand the illusion.
Never ever get caught up in fear.
These events are simply a byproduct of an energy-frequency designed specifically for you
to gain more inner clarity.

Furthermore it helps you to feel whether you are opened up for goodness in your life or are still blocking your natural well being.

12/13/2013 [thought control]

There is no condition unable to improve.
Just like painting a fresh picture or painting over an old one.
In our environment there are many restricting thoughts,
which suggest that there are irreversible conditions for us.
These conditions only remain "unchangangable" as long as you THINK they are.

Aside from the unviversal laws - there are no hard rules

12/14/2013 [thought control] [vibrational harmony]

You are living in perfect harmony with the energy of your source, if you are clear on the following:
You are free.
You are powerful.
You are good.
You are love.
You are worthy.
Your life has a meaning.

12/15/2013 [raise your vibration][focus shift]

Once you have decided that it is time for you to feel better (now!), you can begin to shift your focus and find thoughts within yourself which have a more pleasant vibration.
The change or increase of your vibration is usually a gradual transition.
Trying too hard (convulsive) to make big leaps on the scale of vibrations,while not being in accordance with the law of attraction, can lead to demoralization.

It is because of those  failed attemps that  many seekers falsly come to the conclusion that they have no real power over their own life.

12/16/2013 [conscious emotion shift]

It has enormous value , if it´s possible for you to enhance your
emotional condition consciously - even just slightly.
Even a small improvement provides the feeling of gaining the control  back.
Yet, although you might not have full,creative control over your situation, you stop feeling
powerless and your further ascension becomes  not only managable,but comparatively easy.

12/17/2013 [gain control]

Once you have gained control over your feelings, you will wholeheartedly enjoy the entire process.
You will feel relieved, when you put your doubts behind and begin to consciously develop
a feeling of well-being.

12/18/2013 [thought control]

No thought is unreachable for you - just like you can travel  everywhere.
But you can not jump to a thought whose vibrations differ
too much from your habitual thought-pattern.
Step by step we go. Step by step we go.

12/19/2013 [yin&yang]

The point is not to decide between spirituality and materialism. Everything in your physical,material experience is spiritual essentially. Everything is the final product of your mind. You have nothing to prove. Live your spiritual self and become one with the joy of our material world.

12/20/2013 [thought control]

Focus your thoughts and your actions on one small aspect of the present, and you will create personal power. Giving full attention to the present moment is energizing and enables you to control the current reality.
You must be present in order to win.

12/21/2013 [fortitude]

We know that continuous,consistent strength and high-level performance are not possible.
You may want to always be your best,look good, and be fast, but no one is capable of this all the time.
During down times - times of strife,loss,setbacks,mistakes,uncertainty and disappointment - the warrior adopts the virtue of fortitude, a sense of quiet inner strength,trust and confidence.

12/22/2013 [thought control]

Always remember , we are living in a universe of vibrations and everything is liable to the Law of Attraction.You get what your thoughts reflect - whether you like it or not.
When you get harmonial coherence because you put focus on your desire, the essence of that vibration will manifest into your life.

12/23/2013 [thought control] [wish manifestation]

When you say "I want that this  to happen, which has not yet  happened" you activate not only the vibration of your wish, but also the vibration of the absence of your desire - this way nothing is going to change in your life. Even when you just say the first half of the sentence, the vibration of scarcity still remains on a subliminal level and prevent you from fully opening up to your wish.

12/24/2013 [wish manifestation]

If instead you say "Wouldn`t it be nice if this wish came true?"
you resonate with a very different expectation, which creates much less resistance.
This way you respond with a more positive and more hopeful reaction.
This simple but effective "game" is going to raise your vibration and will draw
many joyful things into your life - because now you really focus your desire without any backlash.

This method "Wouldn´t it be nice, if..."
is going to help you to open up for your desires in all aspects of your life.

12/25/2013 [wish manifestation]

Desiring many things at the same time will lead to confusion.
Instead you should focus only on what you desire in this precise moment -
this imparts us with clarity and creativeness.
Your wishes and desires will manifest much faster this way.

12/26/2013 [thought control ] [wish manifestation]

Every subject can actually be devided into two. That, which you desire and the absence of it. Although you might believe your thoughts are about what you desire and wish for,but the harsh truth is that most of the time you actually think about the polar opposite.

12/27/2013 [raise your vibration]

With comparatively little exertion you can transform within 30 days from a highly resistant vibration to a very,very low resistance. Once this has happened, the people around you will be amazed by the unbelievable manifestations of fortune and well-being drawn into your life.

12/28/2013 [thought control] [duality]

Most people do not know, that they alone decide what they believe in. They observe what happens around them and evaluate these experiences; most of the time thinking they posess no control about which opinions, dogmas or belief-systems eventually going to manifest in their own consciousness.
They spend their whole life judging experiences as bad or good, pleasent or unpleasant, right or wrong - not knowing that they themselves can steer their individual relation towards these outer events..

12/29/2013 [raise your vibration]

Your emotions are absolutely reliable indicators regarding your emanated vibration.
They mirror exactly what you are currently drawing into your life.Use (!) and be aware of them.

12/30/2013 [raise your vibration]

The more you focus on a specific thought the easier it will get to hold  it,because the Law of Attraction will supply you with many more matching thought patterns. On an emotional level, you develop a mood or inner attitude. On a vibrational level one could say that you are adapting to your new status.

12/31/2013 [once upon a time]

a little boy tells his younger brother about school. The first-grader says to his 4 year old brother. " If you are not stupid, you should stop learning how to spell before you learn your first word. Once you know how to spell "cow" they got you ! From there on the words are just getting longer and longer and longer".

1/1/2014 [new year]

We wish you a blissful new year

1/2/2014 [teachers]
Teachers are a help, they show the way -but do not get attached to them. Following is cramping. It stems from fear, not from understanding. Once you are a follower, then one thing is for certain, you are not a seeker anymore.
You can become a  theist and say "God is ! I believe in God."
You can become an atheist and say "I do not believe in God, I am an Atheist "
But in both cases you joined a church. You joined an ideology , a dogma. You joined a mob, a mass.

1/3/2014 [ideologies]

Give up all ideologies, all dogmas, all scriptures. Life is the only scripture, the only bible.
Trust it and let it carry you to the ocean, to the last and highest.

1/4/2014 [raise your vibration]

If you are in a situation in life right now, which causes you to send out vibrations that are far away from happiness and joy, it will be impossible for you to instantly transform this condition.
The Law of Attraction does not allow for such a big leap.
This would be like listening to a song on a channel which is broadcasted from a totally different
radio station.

1/5/2014[raise your vibration]

It is not that hard to change your vibrational pattern, especially if you do this step by step.
Once you have understood how vibrations influence your life, and most of all what your emotions and feelings can tell you about these, you will make swift progress - nothing stands in your way anymore concerning the fulfillment of your deepest desires.

1/6/2014 [raise your vibration] [wish manifestation]

Regarding the creation of your own life experience, there is only one question of concern:
"How can I get myself into a harmonious vibration with those wishes and desires, that get awakened by my experience ?"
The answer is simple : Watch out for how you feel and consciously  choose thoughts that feel good when you think them

1/7/2014 [conscious creativeness]

Whatever you pay sufficient attention to - no matter what it is : it is going to physically manifest.
Others observing your physical manifestation bring even more attention which lead to an enlargement and "hardening" of this manifestation.
And after some time this manifestation, desired or not (!),will be regarded as "truth".

Conscious creativeness consists of consciously choosing the experience you wish to become your truth.

1/8/2014 [thought control] [raise your vibrations]
When a freshly activated thought stems from a rather general nature and is not very focused yet,its vibrations will be very light and it does not  possess a strong magnetical effect  either .
Hence in this early state it is unlikely, that these thoughts are followed by physical manifestations.
But if the thought gains momentum and power,you will get a feedback from your emotions whether this growing vibration is in harmony with the energy of your source or not.
If it matches with your true self, it will trigger pleasant emotions whereas if it does not match with your true self , you will experience aggravating and unpleasant feelings.

1/9/2014 [thought control] [raise your vibrations]

You possess the ability to steer your thoughts. You are free to observe things as they are or to imagine how you would like them to be. Whether you observe something or imagine something; there is no difference in its impact.But in both cases you create a certain vibration with your thoughts  and this vibration draws people,things and events  into your life which resonate with it.

1/10/2014 [raise your vibration] [thought focus]

As often as you consistently focus on one thing for a longer period of time and thus
activate a certain vibration in yourself , it will become a dominant thought.
And when your focused attention has risen to a suffiecient enough degree; this thought - desired or not- will start to manifest in your life.

This is an universal law.

1/11/2014[wish manifestation]

If a desire feels too grand and unreachable, its manifestation lies still in the distant future whereas if your wish feels like the next logical step; its manifestation is imminent.

1/12/2014  [wish manifestation]

WHY you long for something is crucial for WHAT you wish for.
The universe always tends to deliver the vibrational-essence of your desire.
If you think about WHY you want something, it lessens the resistance . On the other hand if you think about,
WHEN your wish is going to come true or HOW it is going to happen or WHO is going to be involved, you often tend to strengthen the resistance , especially (!) if you do not know the answers to those questions yet.

1/13/2014 [raise your vibrations]

The feeling of having individual power;having  your live under control; is wonderful (to say the least).
A key, to regain that feeling lies in deciding here and now, to do your very best to get the best from your current situation, no matter how you might feel right now.
Strife for  thoughts which feel the most comfortable  from those that are currently accessible to you.
If you repeat this whenever it becomes necessary, you will witness a great (!) improvement in your daily life.
This is how it is done !

1/14/2014 [Level Your Life]

Just like you did not develop your patterns of resistance all at once, you can not free yourself from them all at once - but you will free yourself. Method by method, game by game (after all it is LYL) and day by day slowly but surely you`ll return to a state of mind , where you natural well being can flow undisturbed.

1/15/2014 [remember...]

You remember now, that there is nothing that you can not be , can not do or can not have.
And you remember now, that you will reach your naturale state of peace and joy, if you make it your wholehearted intention to feel good .

1/16/2014 [remember...]

You remember now, that the Law of Attraction is always fair and in that way there is actually no Injustice.  Everything, that comes into your life reaches you because of a vibration your thoughts emanated.

1/17/2014 [remember...]

You remember now, that you are free ( you are even free to decide to put shackles around your mind) and that, what comes to you, is a reaction to the thoughts  you choose.

1/18/2014 [Life is......]

Life is not about the future, life is about right now.

Life is about how you shape and channel your energy in the present.

1/19/2014 [Purpose]

It is your purporse to use your energy wisely.
This is why you exist. You are a being , that  flows with  energy and can focus this energy via aimed awareness. You are the creator, and in the whole universe there is nothing worse than being born into a contrast-rich environment, that awakens many desires , to then block the energy, so that it can not flow into the manifestation of your wishes.
Like that life really is wasted.

1/20/2014 [new insights]

We try to communicate simultaneously on a multitude of consciousness-levels with you. But you will receive ronly that,for what you are receptive to.
Everyone is going to draw different conclusions from this material,
but everytime you reread it, you will gain new insights.

1/21/2014 [desires]

Do you really know what you want ? Do you enjoy the evolution of your desires ? If you are one of the few people who can answer this question with "Yes,i enjoy the ongoing development of my desires " then you do not only know your true nature but also what counts in this physical life..

1/22/2014 [creative control]

You are born with the knowledge that you create your own reality. This knowledge is so deeply anchored inside of you, that you feel an inner disharmony, whenever someone tries to thwart your creation.
Be absolutely certain that you are the creator of your own life experience, and that complete freedom is the basis of your true experience . In the end only you are responsible for which experiences you create.

1/23/2014 [desires]

There is nothing, that you can not be, can not do, or can not have. And whatever you desire : we want to help you to reach it. But we also love your current state , even if, you are  unhappy with it, because we know how wonderful each step of your journey is going to be.

1/24/2014 [inevitable progress but?]
Your progress is inevitable.It has to be this way. You can not not progress.
But you are not here to consciously strife for progress and evolution - you are here to experience wonderful joy.Yes, this is why you are here.

1/25/2014 [desires]

"Why does it take so long to fulfill my wishes?"
It is not because you are not intelligent enough.
It is not because you are not worth it.
The only reason, why you have not reached your desire yet ,is because you cling to a vibrational pattern which does not suit your wish.

1/26/2014 [raise your vibration]

Gently,step by step, dissolve yourself from any thoughts that create resistance,because they are the only thing that hinders you from fulfilling your Quest. The relief you will then feel indicates that you are abolishing inner resistance.Just like that ; the tension, anger and frustration you felt before were indicators that you strengthened your inner resistance.