Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daily Shorty 2/18/2014

Unwanted Things Cannot Jump into Your Experience Uninvited

Freedom from the fear of unwanted experiences will never be achieved by
trying to control the behavior or desires of others.
Your freedom can only be allowed by adjusting your own vibrational point of attraction.
Without a knowledge of the Law of Attraction, and without a conscious
awareness of what you are doing with your own vibrational point of attraction,
it is understandable why you would attempt to control the circumstances that surround you.
But you cannot control the many circumstances that surround you.

However, once you learn about the Law of Attraction, and
once you are aware of the way your thoughts feel, you will never again
 feel fear about unwanted things jumping into your experience.
You will understand that nothing can jump into your experience without your invitation.
Since there is no assertion in this attraction-based Universe, if you do not achieve vibrational harmony with it, it cannot come to you; and unless you do achieve vibrational harmony with it, it cannot come to you.

Even the smallest among you, your babies, are offering vibrations that the Universe is matching.
And, like you, your little ones are influenced by the vibrations of those who surround them,
but nevertheless, they are creating their own reality.

Remember, your emotions are telling you everything you need to know
about your connection to Source Energy: They are telling you how much Source Energy
you are summoning in response to your focused desire;
and they are also telling you if you are, in this moment of thought and emotion,
in vibrational alignment with your desire.


"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you."
~Jean-Paul Sartre

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