Sunday, February 2, 2014

[Prologue] -Preparations for the Journey

Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step

LYL can be thought of as a spiritual journey that combines physical and mental activities.Unlike most physical sojourns, where you depart and arrive at a predetermined destination, the journey in LYL is one of continously new and exciting physical,mental, and spiritual beginnings and lifelong positive change. This journey has no final destination because you will be evolving and transforming constanty, thinking in new ways about how you work and play. By shifting your attitudes and beliefs about what is possible in your world, you will be able to redefine your potential, which is really unlimited, and unluck the extraordinary powers of your body-mind.

The qualities of LYL applied to your life enable you to notice and develop the inner strengths and personal qualities that can help you get into the mindset for extraordinary performance. It can help you learn how to react more harmoniously with the demanding situations you constantly face in life. In becoming a LYL-Player , you expand your repertoire of skills to meet the challenges of performance. LYL training provides you with a true understanding of "the game" , one that goes beyond the mere mechanical,routine ways - a much more dynamic,aware approach to overall excellence and success.

A LYL-Player´s journey can be compared to the sacred path of the warrior, the heroic voyages in Homer´s ancient epics, Native American Indion vision quest, or Carlos Castaneda´s envisioning of the impeccable warrior. Such warriors developed and exercised inner strength, integrity, and indepndence, but they also fought for a higher good beyond their own self-interest. LYL-Players,too, are ultimately in control of their destiny.
They create inner and outer goals and strive to develop the skills to accomplish them - without seeking to destroy their competitors.

The LYL-Player

~ is individualistic
~has courage to risk failure, learn from setbacks, and forge ahead;
~possesses a multidimensional approach to competition;
~focuses on how the game is placed (process) as opposed to outcomes (product);
~uses the event to gain greater self-realization:
~trains the mind to see through the complexity of outer trappings of life into its essence;
~knows his or her vulnerabilities and trains to strenghten them
~creates balance,moderation, and simplicity when possible;
~sees competitors as partners who facilitate improvement
~sees success as one part of the process of life
~understands that performance is a roller coaster and has the patience to ride the ups and downs
~blends with forces so as not to create counterforce;
~has vision, and dreams things into possibilities and
~enjoys life for the pleasure it gives.

The direction LYL provides for you will facilitate your journey on this inner heroic path.
It will help you create passion in your practice of extraordinary performance.
It can help you redefine your athletic,cognitive and human abilities+potential to take you to new levels of achievement. Your daily routine can become a way to practice that positive,holisitc attitude of the seeker.

When you align with the principles of LYL in all things, you hold the key to joy, success, and fulfillment in whatever you do. Following these principles requires no special knowledge or learning, you simply need to try to follow the laws of nature.
For example, we fight against making mistakes. But mistakes are a natural process,to be alive is to make mistakes. To align with the way of LYL, try to consider mistakes as nature´s lessons from which you can learn, recover your energies, and forge ahead. Setbacks are natural and inevitable. They are gifts that provide opportunities to improve your performance.

By playing LYL you will learn to develop a conscious awareness of the laws of nature, act in accordance with them, and in the process evolve as a more empowered,successful being on all levels.
LYL will help you discover your true dynamic self and your inner integrity.

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