Thursday, February 6, 2014

Manual of the Manual - The Apotheosis

[Manual of the Manual]

Manual of the Manual......[The LYL-Main Quest]

What you see here - the Apotheosis- - shall be a guide to maximize your
growth on every level as a human being.
As of now ,the first 13~ month of the Apotheosis are playable.
These 13 month are subdivided  into the first five LYL Levels (taking Level 0  into account).

Reaching Level 0 requires nothing but an open mind.

                                                          Level 0,1 
             [The Prologue] : is merely some information for you to begin your journey with 
                                                (you are free to skip)

                                                           Level 0,2 
                      [Character setup] :if you want to enjoy the full potential of LYL , 
                          we will need you to learn about your inner [Compass of Truth].
                     Only then it is possible for you to get the information for your [LYL-Charactersheet].
    BUT  this step is not necessary to go on with the Apotheosis. It is an extra.
                                                     So feel free to skip.

                                                           Level 0.99 
                 Closely before you reach LYL Level 1, you reach the 25 day - process
             During this time we will lay the fundamentals for your future personal development.

                  After that, finally, we reach LYL Level 1 and the game begins.
                  [to get a better idea about LYL you are free to read the Dream or skip]

From here on we are entering the 52 Lessons of the Seeker.
These 52 Lessons consist of 4 Levels. Every Level takes roughly 12 weeks;
and is again subdivided into 3+1  parts.

These parts are : The Agreements, The Lessons, and The Laws +  Sidequests

There are 4 Agreements - For every level there is one, and each shall be applied consciously throughout the whole level. They are the beginning of each level and set the tone.

Furthermore  52 Lessons, they are also the smaller benchmarks of every level and
each of them is designed to take 1 week.These are very short lessons and 
you are to repeat each at least once a day.

Additionally there are the 7 Laws , two of them for every level ; the 3rd level being an exception.
You shall consciously apply those Laws during the specified time periods.

And at last there are the Sidequests. They are add-ons for each level and you are free to imply them in your Journey - your unique Apotheosis..

[This[Manual] is to be updated frequently; if you haveany questions just contact]