Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Daily Shorty 2/19/2014

You Are in the Perfect Position to Get There from Here.......

Nothing has to change in your environment or in the circumstances
that surround you for you to begin to deliberately allow 
your own connection  to the Stream of Well-Being.
You could be in prison, you could have been diagnosed with a terminal illness,
 you could be facing bankruptcy, or you could be in the middle of a divorce.
Still, you are in the perfect place, right now, to begin. And we also want you to
understand that this will not require a great deal of time,
for it only requires a simple understanding of the Universal Laws,
and a determination to move toward a state of allowing.

When you drive your vehicle from place to place, you have an awareness
of your starting place as well as an awareness of where you are going.
You accept that you cannot get there instantaneously; you accept that you will travel the distance,
 and in time, you will arrive at your destination. And while you may feel anxious to get there,
and maybe even tire of the journey, you do not get so discouraged at the midway
mark that you just turn around and go back to your starting place.
You do not drive back and forth and back and forth
from your starting point to the midway point and
 then finally collapse from the neverending journey.

You do not announce your inability to accomplish your journey.
 You accept the distance between your starting place and where
you desire to be —and you continue to move in the direction of your destination.
You understand what is required—and you do it. And we want you to come
to know that the journey between where you are and
where you want to be— on all subjects— can be just as easily.understood.


"He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else."
~Benjamin Franklin